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Online reputation management is the technique of establishing a positive on-line influence of any company or business. The process of controlling the negative or misleading reviews and pushing the positive content further up in the Google ranking, to ensure that the clients only find the positive and relevant content of your business. There are many companies in New York but [...]

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The penguin update that was launched on 24th april 2012 was designed to punish the websites that were spamming the Google, and got hit by this update. The spamming is basically violation of the Google’s guidelines set in Google Webmaster Guidelines with techniques such as cloaking and keyword stuffing. And the websites who got banned or were affected adversely when [...]

SEO is an internet marketing strategy, focussed on increasing the site visibility in organic search engine results. Using proper SEO techniques helps in driving traffic from organic sources to increase the ranking search engine result pages (SERPs) There are several elements included in SEO like technical aspects that are essential to improve rankings, drive traffic and bring awareness in search [...]

Smartphones have an enormous success story of the past few years and the devices get more important each year. Many businesses obtain vital advantages by using mobile technology. That’s the reason the development of its app becomes more significant. Basically, mobile application development is the method of creating and developing software and application programs for mobile phones and smart gadgets. [...]

If you’re an Search engine optimization expert or digital marketer in NYC, you know exactly data point means. You are surrounded by a sea of data – numbers, line graphs, bar graphs, Venn diagrams, analysis, analytics and combination of metrics. Search engines are strange in way how they make progress in the web and understand the content. The web page [...]

To bring improvements in the search results and addressing the various artificial inbound links related issues, Google Penguin, a member of Google algorithms, was released in April 2012. All the updates falling under penguin algorithms focus on resolving many problems. The main purpose of releasing the Google Penguin was to target various websites, violating all the webmaster guidelines, set by [...]