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No Social Media Marketing Plan is complete without a dedicated approach for LinkedIn! Yes, that true because LinkedIn has lot more to offer than just professional networking. This is the reason why it has been creating a buzz in the social media corners lately. If you do not promote your business/products/services on this media giant, you are definitely missing on [...]

With seamless growth of ecommerce market, there has been an increasing demand of ecommerce platforms and content management systems. There are countless ecommerce platforms using which you can create your eStore. Determining which platform is the best amongst the hoard could be challenging. So, here is a little help for you. In this post, we have discussed top 5 CMSs [...]

Video marketing is the buzzword amongst all B2B marketers and YouTube is their silver screen. Videos have evolved as a powerful technique to engage targeted audience. More than 800 million visitors per month are engaged by videos! Business owners who are well aware of this fact thoughtfully use YouTube for their brand awareness and increasing their fan base.

Major app stores like Google Play and App Store are flooded with the apps, which means that getting your app discovered can be extremely challenging. App Store Optimization (ASO) is the ideal marketing practice that helps you accomplish intended results. What is ASO? App store optimization is a process that is used to improve the visibility of a mobile app [...]

In the current marketing industry, social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest can be the game charger for your project. While all social networks are awesome, you cannot work on all of them for obvious reasons! So, which one should you choose? That totally depends on the kind of audience you want to target. But in any case, you cannot [...]

Why WordPress? Why should I shift my old website to WordPress? Often website owners have these questions in their mind. If you too think the same way, then you are not doing anything unusual. In this document, we have compiled few points that will explain you the importance of WordPress, and what makes it developers/marketers’ favorite. Why WordPress? Gone are [...]