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Yesterday, John Mueller shared a link on his Google+ profile about PubSubHubbub. PubSubHubbub is a webhook-based protocol that allows publishers in notifying their subscribers about every RSS/Atom feed. PubSubHubbub is a very effective protocol that has made the notification process a lot simpler. Subscribers submit their request to hubs and publishers, to get updates on a certain topic. Every user [...]

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If you have decided that time has come for your own a business app, you have now a bigger decision to make. Which operating system would you prefer for development of your application: Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS? Take a look at three crucial factors that may help you making the correct decision: Revenue vs. Visibility- As an entrepreneur, you [...]

Making a Content Management System (CMS) is one of the trickiest decisions that you need to make while getting a website built. People are often baffled between the open source options and custom CMS. If you too happen to stuck in such a dilemma, here is a quick guide to help yourself. What makes Custom CMS a wise choice? Selecting [...]

Google has released another Panda update. Although it is being called as a ‘slow rollout’, it is expected to hit 3-5% of search queries. It will specifically target thin or poor content ranking well in the Google search results. This update started earlier this week and will persist into next week. Opportunity for some, but problem for others! Websites hit [...]

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Recently, Google has discovered that use of HTTPS has great benefits for websites. Although it is not a ranking factor, but definitely yes, it is an approach to boost the ranking of site in Search Engine Result Pages. Looking into the benefits, recently a survey was conducted, which has found that twenty four percent of webmasters are planning to change [...]

Forged content, irrelevant links and unnatural things on your site can cause negative impact for your business in terms of traffic, sales, and turnover. Being a victim to such attacks can’t be avoidable, but staying protected is possible, if necessary steps are taken. When black hat techniques are used, a site definitely gets harmed. Attackers do everything that violates Google [...]

We all know about the search engine optimization, but majority of the individual or organization fail to understand that it’s a rapidly changing process. Today, we are going to talk about some of the techniques that you should not use for your campaign any more and some of them are as below: Low Quality Content: Today, quality content is the [...]

Catching readers’ attention gets much easier if they come across some instantly eye-catching headline. A lot of emphasis is put on this aspect when it comes to increasing number of clicks. But how would you feel if not one of those thousands of users ended up increasing the conversion? It would seem all the hard work put into crafting an [...]

With Google becoming all the more stringent about giving rankings to the websites, it is high time that a website protects itself from negative SEO. Take a look at how to go about it and what it entails. One of the many misapprehensions associated with negative search engine optimization is that people think it is totally a link game. An [...]

Security has always been Google’s top priority, which is why it makes lot of investment to make sure their services employs strong security like HTTPS encryption. This encryption ensures users that they have a secure connection when using Gmail, Google Drive or simple search option. They have also been working on helping websites fix and avoid security breaches. Now Google [...]

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