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Did you know that 67% users make purchases from a mobile-friendly website, instead from plain desktop websites? Facts like this are the reason why majority of developers are making transition to mobile-friendly responsive website creation only. For this purpose, tools like ‘Foundation’ help a great deal. Foundation (by ZURB) is a front-end framework widely used by developers for creating mobile-friendly [...]

SEO and PPC have their loyal audience. While there are other enthusiasts that believe in both! But, what works the best has always been a hot topic of debate. We have tried to clear the air in this infographic. How serious are you about SEO & PPC ? Please share your views through comments!

In the coming few years, it is expected that there will be lot more smartphones than the number of people on this planet. That speaks for the significance of quality, perfection, and the scope of further sophistication in the mobile development. Looking into the increasing usage of apps it has become essential for developers to follow the hottest mobile app [...]

Well, making your website mobile-friendly used to be optional somewhere in the past, but not anymore! Mobile is the future! So, you better start working, or if you still need more reasons, we have got plenty of them for you. Here we go….. Motivate us to generate more good stuff for you- Like, Comment, and Share!

Recent update made by Facebook on March 12 has brought a sensation in the social media industry. In 2012, searches proved that 9% of Facebook accounts were duplicate. Working on it, Facebook came up with an update on March 12, 2015. The update removed all likes from the Facebook pages that were coming from inactive users. Facebook has taken this [...]

Content Marketing is an excellent marketing technique that includes creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to expand the audience base. In the recent times, it has evolved as one of the most essential element of digital marketing. Considering its potential, it is being expected to emerge as one of the major driving forces online, in the time to [...]