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Despite of plethora of Websites on web, not all websites are rich in design, content, markup, features and functionality. Specific requirements are need to be met by experts, while developing websites. Let’s take a look at those few common things that are to be met while developing website- Proper navigation: Website comprise of numerous web pages that needs to be [...]

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PPC is perhaps the fastest way to increase your web traffic. But, even the slightest miscalculation in your strategy can lead to nothing but a waste of your funds. Here are three things to keep in mind while implementing a PPC campaign. Improve conversion rate A central idea of any PPC campaign, and a measure of the service provider as [...]

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We live in a time, where every business has to have a strong online presence just to stand a chance to live up to everything that their competitors are throwing against them. You should not just try to make information related to your company available online, but if feasible, also make your products available online. E commerce is the heart [...]

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There are plenty of things that go into a successful SEO campaign and good content is one of the most essential prerequisites, if not the most essential and good grammar is the most important binging agent of any post. Duane Forrester from Bing once stated that fact clearly on the main webmaster’s blog for Bing, pointing out the significance of [...]

An iPhone app is as essential for your business as the blueprints of your products. There are certain specific advantages that you only get by having a custom application for your business. They include: Direct interaction with the customers: Keep your followers and potential followers updated about the latest happenings of your company and establish a wonderful rapport with them, [...]

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Google analytics, a comprehensive product by Google, generates detailed report of traffic for websites and evaluates conversion and sales, as well. Webmasters use it to tracks visitors different sources like organic traffic, referrals, traffic from social websites, and direct visits. When setting up Google Analytics for a new project, many things need to be taken care of. That includes tech [...]

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Maintaining reputation is of core importance in highly competitive business environment. Good reputation is essential for companies trying to develop web presence, and want to do their maximum business online.  An effective SEO campaign will only take your business website on the top, but higher rankings are of no use, if a company is unable to stand good in eyes [...]

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SEO is all about building your website’s ranking. The idea is to progress and move up the ladder. That being said, a single wrong move can cause your rankings to drop and potentially hit rock bottom. It does not necessarily have to happen as a result of just one bad move, as SEO is a dynamic process that requires constant [...]

Search engine optimization is a basic requirement for businesses that want to survive in the highly competitive online environment. Without a smart SEO plan, the businesses are just leaving online visibility of their website confined to those who already know dedicated URL of the website of company. Creating a SEO plan isn’t just a good idea but it is very [...]

  In the last 10 years, Facebook has totally revolutionized what we knew about Social Networking Websites. Now, big social networks like Facebook itself stand as gigantic platforms that can be a game changer for your website’s fate! Facebook is not only being used by individuals for sharing their messages, audios and videos but businesses also use Facebook for driving [...]