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In the last few months, Google has been rolling few major/minor algorithmic updates, of which the most prominent ones, about which you must get a fair understanding are Phantom and Panda 4.2. Google Phantom While Google Phantom is not as massive as many past Google updates, it still affects a good percentage of search results. Reports suggest that some of [...]

Marketing fuels growth for businesses! But, which marketing technique to adopt- Offline Marketing or Online Marketing? Some say go old school and stick to Offline Marketing, while others believe in online marketing. Some even suggest making a balance between the two. Which of these should you go for? This infographic shares some of the essential facts about the two, and [...]

For a long time, Online Reputation Management (ORM) and Search Engine Optimization were considered as two different methods of Digital Marketing. Even till date, not many know that these two terms are highly interconnected. While ORM is the strategy to fight misinformation about a businesses or someone important in the business, SEO is the very popular way to get more [...]

The fact that internet marketing is possibly the most convenient way to gain potential customers and build trust for a brand, needs no explanation! These days, almost all users consult online reviews, social media, blogs, etc. before purchasing any product or trusting any brand. This very reason makes “Influencer Marketing” the undisputed king of content and marketing!  

How many marketers know how to juggle with codes? Not many! That was probably one big reason that encouraged Google to come up with Tag Manager. There was no way a webmaster could track events of a website without getting his hands onto the codes. But, not anymore! Now, no matter what you want to analyze (whether it is finding [...]

Social Media Marketing is undoubtedly an indispensable part of every digital marketing campaign. That being said, it must also be acknowledged that marketers are increasingly opting for paid amplification of their Social Media efforts. If you too are in that league, then take a moment to think how that is working out for you! Are you getting the worth of [...]