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With changing advertising trends, Google+ has turned out to be the best marketing platform for businesses. Here are five ways how Google+ helps promote businesses online: 1. Disable comments to uplift viewers attention Google+ is a great source of advertising. Numerous people are engaged with this social media site for various purposes, out of which the most common reason behind [...]

Many times users have to face annoyance while browsing websites on modern devices like smartphones and iPhones. Nothing except a blank page or miss out large portion of content is there, when accessing those unsupportive sites. This is because such sites are not compatible enough to run on modern devices and thus require browser technologies to work properly. For example, [...]

The release of Panda 4.0 came much as a shock and caught many websites off guarded. The update had biggest impact on press release websites, and several major names fell victim to this update and lost substantial traffic. Even names like PRLog, BuisenssWire, and PRweb faced a quick and substantial drop in their online visibility. With that, it became apparent [...]

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No matter whether you plan to start a new e-Commerce website or your purpose is to increase the conversion rate of your already designed site? In both the cases, you need to design the layout of your website according to the latest designing trends. Here are some tips that can be of great help: Users should get good shopping experience [...]

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Fourth of July, also known as the Independence Day in the United States, is truly a day to celebrate for the people of America. This day is celebrated with fireworks, parades, concerts, games, carnivals, fairs, family reunions, political speeches, and ceremonies. On this special occasion, call Soft System Solution at (877) 335-0015 to avail special offers on our exclusive web [...]

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Google’s John Mueller, webmaster analyst announced a major change in Google authorship photographs in search results. They said they are removing all author photos and Google+ view counts from search results. Explaining the purpose behind this move, he went on to say that to provide a better and neat visual appearance of search results on desktop, mobile or any other [...]

Parallax scrolling -It is a technique, which includes change in graphics or animations when one starts to play the moment we scroll on the page. Simple page design -Incorporating images and content onto a single web page is the latest trend that helps in removing unnecessary clutter and increases the website SEO. Fixed headers- Content-rich websites with a fixed header [...]

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The views on videos on Facebook are double now in comparison to six months ago, A representative from Facebook announced today, and this is the reason that there will be a improvement in how to rank videos in the News Feed. A good news for those who directly upload there videos on Facebook they will enjoy improvement in the rankings [...]

Google recently announced a new program called My Business that aims to help business owners manage their business listing, which eventually help build their online presence and relationship with customers. Introducing Google My Business What purposes Google My Business can be used for? Updating business information on search, maps and many more Sharing of photos Sharing of content Creating and [...]

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Google+ is a features rich social networking site, which has gained immense popularity amongst individuals, business owners, and internet marketing professionals. While all the Google+ features have proved to be of great use for people, hashtags has done exceptionally good for the users. With typing of “#”sign, followed with the text that you want to use for the hashtag e.g. [...]