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Recently there has been a debate about choosing the language for iOS mobile applications. Developers find themselves battling to choose between Objective-C and Swift as both the languages are fiercest competitors today. When Swift emerged on the scene as a competitor for Objective-C the entire community was surprised and left in a state of confusion. AS the developers debate over [...]

Over the years, Search engine optimization is become really good at understanding keyword meaning and separating the marketing strategy to serve the purpose.  To create new creative ways of gathering the audience, the search engine optimization companies in NYC have started to merge more traditional concepts in SEO. This has resulted in general progression of SEO as a discipline. To [...]

A business whether small or big, is becoming aware of the growing importance of mobile marketing, but there are many which are still in dark as to what it actually is, how it works and what are its actual benefits. Do you really need a mobile app for your business?  Cross platform enterprise mobile application development in New York, offers [...]

Maintaining a business website is not an easy task as it is a platform that depends on several other pillars. As a business owner, you should know what does and does not work with your website in order to gain the maximum benefit of having an online presence. However, here are the three pillars that you will need to support [...]

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There are many users who start writing a blog or build a business website without having any idea about the SEO for the same. It becomes difficult to promote the website on the search engine results without proper SEO in play. The On Page SEO can be improved significantly and make a huge different to your website’s ranking. When the [...]

On November 5 Microsoft released the latest update to its built-from-the-ground-up browser  Microsoft Edge. For some time now Windows users have complained about the inadequacies of Internet Explorer (IE) and its failure to compete with Google’s Chrome or Firefox. So Microsoft set its sights on developing an all new browser for the latest version of its OS – Windows10. Under [...]

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