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Apple’s Swift is a highly resourceful programming language for iOS and OS X. The main purpose of introducing swift was to replace Objective-C. It enables developers to develop a native iOS app without using Objective-C. It can also work along with Objective-C using certain frameworks. Many clients and developers still wonder if they should switch to swift from Objective-C for [...]

Promoting brands/products/services in the electronic media through different channels has been termed as Digital Marketing. A well-researched and planned digital marketing strategy could be the difference between success and failure! How serious are you about Digital Marketing? Please share your views through comments!

Bootstrap is one of the most popular and powerful frameworks for the front end web development. It is an open source framework that uses hypertext markup language (HTML), cascading style sheets (CSS), and JavaScript (JS) for website development. It is used for creating faster, responsive, and SEO friendly websites. Developers can build mobile friendly responsive projects that are compatible with [...]

Did you ever wonder why Online Reputation Management (ORM) is important for your business? Do you know how your social media profiles affect your business? Who gets influenced by your business’ Online Reputation? Scroll down for answers for these questions!  

Ask any web developer ‘which CMS is their favorite’ and you will definitely get Joomla for an answer by the majority. Why? Because, there is no other CMS that allows customizing as comprehensive as it does. Moreover, Joomla is renowned for creation of highly efficient sites. They release updated versions from time to time so that their users can keep [...]

Are you in a dilemma about how to draft your SEO campaign? Are your rankings suffering? Is your website’s traffic decreasing? Are you looking for reliable SEO tips to do better with your marketing campaign? Here are the rules that every SEO marketer must follow in 2015 -

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