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A/B testing measures the impact of changes made on a website by simultaneously making the original website as well as its changed version available to the users. The basic principle behind A/B testing is quite simple. Compare both webpages by measuring conversion rate. The one that performs better, wins! The detailed analytics available today make it a very efficient marketing [...]

Grunt and Gulp are two of the most popular task / build runners for JavaScript developers. Before Gulp came along Grunt was widely accepted to be the best among the many tools that developers used to streamline repetitive tasks while writing code. But ever since Gulp came on the scene, the spunky upstart has rapidly gained popularity in the developer [...]

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YouTube is considered the 2nd largest search engine in the world based on traffic. With over 1 Billion hits per month, its hardly surprising that Google has decided to cash in on the immense popularity of YouTube. Here’s look at YouTube’s new avatar. What is You Tube Red YouTube Red offers a Monthly subscription for around $10. This subscription will [...]

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Driving traffic to your website is important. But even more important is being able to convert that traffic into sales or leads. The only way to do that is to make your website design, experience and content, compelling enough to inspire a visitor to take action. Website design is becoming more and more important as a factor in conversion rate. [...]

So you have optimized your website to conform to the best SEO practices. The titles and descriptions are hitting the sweet spot in character limits and the H1 tags, image files and text, all include relevant keyword phrases. The content creation has been streamlined and relevant and informative content in your vertical is consistently being published on and around your [...]

Affiliate Marketing is a burgeoning industry in and of itself. More and more web publishers are adopting this method of generating revenue from their websites and blogs. If you are looking to go the same way or increase your returns from your existing program, the following infographic presents precise information on how to achieve that. And remember, if you like [...]