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In the world of smart phones, the war for the best app store continues between Apple and Google. Moreover, it has become a hallmark for the mobile device market. Here are some of the notable statistics and comparison between the both.  

Every web marketers endeavors to achieve top ranking for their projects in the SERPs. For that purpose, they employ a wide range of techniques. But what if you do not get the results you expect even after doing all that it takes? Maybe you have not done it all! Many marketers fail to understand that SEO is not just about [...]

While Facebook and Twitter claim to be in the first row of popular social networks, LinkedIn is gradually emerging as an equally strong force to reckon with! While not only is it redefining the limits of what a networking platform can be or can achieve, it has given clear hints that LinkedIn is no longer comfortable with the tag of [...]

With the advancement and new features of the watch OS2, different apps can now combine well with Apple Watch. The three primary ways, through which people can interact with an app on apple watch are- by viewing different notifications, accessing information in one glance and interacting with the app itself. Notifications The Apple Watch notifications enable communication and quick interactions. [...]

With millions of mobile apps out there, getting your app seen by users has become one of the biggest issues that almost all app publishers are facing. How to handle this problem? App Store Optimization (ASO) is the answer! App Store Optimization is one of the most effective techniques that help in improving your app’s visibility in app stores.

Gated content usually refers to a particular content that is not accessible until you fill a form and provide all the essential information. Once you fill in the details, you get access to the content and the company at the receiving end can use the provided information to raise and foster lead with consistent, targeted communications. Marketers are increasingly making [...]

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