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Catching readers’ attention gets much easier if they come across some instantly eye-catching headline. A lot of emphasis is put on this aspect when it comes to increasing number of clicks. But how would you feel if not one of those thousands of users ended up increasing the conversion? It would seem all the hard work put into crafting an [...]

With Google becoming all the more stringent about giving rankings to the websites, it is high time that a website protects itself from negative SEO. Take a look at how to go about it and what it entails. One of the many misapprehensions associated with negative search engine optimization is that people think it is totally a link game. An [...]

Security has always been Google’s top priority, which is why it makes lot of investment to make sure their services employs strong security like HTTPS encryption. This encryption ensures users that they have a secure connection when using Gmail, Google Drive or simple search option. They have also been working on helping websites fix and avoid security breaches. Now Google [...]

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Understanding ‘Google Pigeon’ update and ways to undo its negative impact What is Google pigeon? The newest algorithm update by Google has been labeled as ‘pigeon’. It rolled out on July 24th 2014, and though not much information is available about its details, reports are showing a substantial difference in the local search results. What it aims for? While all [...]

The newest algorithm by Google is out. The algorithm being called Pigeon (which is not its official name) rolled out a couple of days ago. Unlike other updates, this one is aimed at refining local search results. Although there are no reports that could say the number of queries that are affected by this update, but observation by SEO experts [...]

Generally, keyword research, search engine friendly content and targeting is considered under SEO (Search Engine Optimization). But Rand Fishkin says that this is not only, what SEO comprise of! Rather he believes this type of SEO practice is quite different from the actual one. These are only few things, which contribute in the ranking factor in SERPs. Where good relevant [...]

With changing advertising trends, Google+ has turned out to be the best marketing platform for businesses. It not just allows you to reach your audience, but helps in many other ways, which are not just useful for businesses, but essential. No other social platform has been able to provide what Google+ does, which is the number one reason why every [...]

Many times users have to face annoyance while browsing websites on modern devices like smartphones and iPhones. Nothing except a blank page or miss out large portion of content is there, when accessing those unsupportive sites. This is because such sites are not compatible enough to run on modern devices and thus require browser technologies to work properly. For example, [...]

The release of Panda 4.0 came much as a shock and caught many websites off guarded. The update had biggest impact on press release websites, and several major names fell victim to this update and lost substantial traffic. Even names like PRLog, BuisenssWire, and PRweb faced a quick and substantial drop in their online visibility. With that, it became apparent [...]

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No matter whether you plan to start a new e-Commerce website or your purpose is to increase the conversion rate of your already designed site? In both the cases, you need to design the layout of your website according to the latest designing trends. Here are some tips that can be of great help: Users should get good shopping experience [...]

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