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Social Media Marketing is undoubtedly an indispensable part of every digital marketing campaign. That being said, it must also be acknowledged that marketers are increasingly opting for paid amplification of their Social Media efforts. If you too are in that league, then take a moment to think how that is working out for you! Are you getting the worth of [...]

While content marketing is a relatively newer term, the significance of content in digital marketing has been unparalleled since always. When other shallow marketing technique gradually lost their importance and got extinct, the prominence of content has remained unchallenged. But the way content was developed, published and marketed has seen a sea of changes, and has gradually evolved as a [...]

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What is funnel optimization? Funnel optimization is the process of customizing the path of conversion to attain highest possible conversion rate. Funnel optimization is about encouraging more and more people to complete the goal of the website (which could be selling, signup, etc.). While funnel optimization is categorized as quite a complex technique, but it is equally essential in ensuring [...]

In the online world, things don’t work the way they do conventionally! This is what keeps marketers on their toes for earning highest possible ROI for their efforts and finances. While more and more marketers are gradually getting conscious of the vitality of Instant Digital Gratification, still a big chunk of the ‘so-called’ experts is clueless about what it is. [...]

For some time now, Google Analytics users have been noticing spam referral traffic in their reports. While, many GA users use filters to keep spams or fake hits out of their reports, other users do not even know that hits can be fake. Fake hits are generated by using ghost referrer spam and it has emerged as a big problem [...]

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It has been a long time since when SEO is being speculated to be dead, which is far from reality. It is just that things have changed since Google come forward with stringent search guidelines. With evolving technology, there is change in the way people communicate, purchase, and interact online and SEO has been greatly influenced by this! What has [...]