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Are you in a dilemma about how to draft your SEO campaign? Are your rankings suffering? Is your website’s traffic decreasing? Are you looking for reliable SEO tips to do better with your marketing campaign? Here are the rules that every SEO marketer must follow in 2015 -

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In the recent times, Visual Content Optimization (VCO) has evolved as a powerful internet marketing technique. According to internet marketing experts, visuals will rule the year 2015. What is visual content optimization? Why is it so important? VCO is the SEO or internet marketing technique in which visuals, graphics and images are used to display content. Whether it is a [...]

Google Analytics has always been an important part of the web marketing. It provided statistics and reports about websites’ traffic and performance of the marketing campaign. However, Google Analytics is also available for mobile app developers. Since mobile app emerged as one of the biggest aspects in the IT industry, Google Analytics was also integrated to track and measure the [...]

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The extensive outreach and effectiveness of PHP is needless to be discussed. We all very well know how powerful it has evolved to be. To further sophisticate the potential of PHP, more and more developers are using CakePHP, a framework that was released in April 2005. It was developed by taking inspiration from different concepts such as Model-View-Controller, Ruby on [...]

Many websites have moved from HTTP to HTTPS because of the series of advantages and improvement in the security of website. However, full security cannot be guaranteed, until all the steps are completed. This document is helpful for site operators like operation staff, software developers, DevOps, and managers who want to change their website communication protocol. Following are few steps [...]

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Getting a ranking in Google search results is becoming difficult with every new algorithm update. Many SEO techniques are considered outdated now while some techniques are becoming the cause of penalization from search engine. Still, there are 11 tactics that can help you in achieving the top ranks in Google search – 1. Working on the right keywords – Start [...]