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Search Engine Optimization is a procedure for which websites owners pay through their noses to the professionals who knows how to improve the visibility of their website in search engines. In simpler terms, the more your website appears in search results, the more customers it will fetch and the more customer hits your web page, the more business you will be generating. One cannot deny from the unethical practices that some SEO companies and professionals use to increase the volume of search traffic. The experts from search leader Google are always on their front feet in developing some techniques to bridle those wrongdoers.

This time, Google announced that there is no more Panda 3.4 and there are no more paid links related issues, simply a reason to have a high five. The experts at Google labs are at their fullest for killing these paid networks and even eradicated many of them.

In addition to this, another announcement that brought a sigh of relief was, “Google pundits will rephrase the title tags of many website, if they feel so.” The only reason the experts gave behind this was, “Google + and social media”

Google revealed that there are some big brigades i.e. some big brands, who are doing everything they can do about their website optimization, but they have not heard anything about, rel-author or SEO related terms. The reason attributed to this ignorance was the fear of being hit by Panda or penalty imposed by Google. Many of these big brigades blame their bureaucratic hierarchy that not allows them to buy-in for advanced SEO strategies.

Another interesting fact revealed by Google here was, even if the companies employ some technical expertise of SEO stuffs and even if some advanced and experienced strategies are brought into implementation, most of them fail at various portions of traditional SEO. Therefore, the gist of the information was, if you are an SEO professional and you still remember the basics of SEO, you have high chances to work with old big brands in comparison to those experts who only have hands on those tricky and fishy modern techniques.

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