Google Launches YouTube Red

YouTube is considered the 2nd largest search engine in the world based on traffic. With over 1 Billion hits per month, its hardly surprising that Google has decided to cash in on the immense popularity of YouTube. Here’s look at YouTube’s new avatar. YouTube Red

What is You Tube Red

YouTube Red offers a Monthly subscription for around $10. This subscription will buy you access to all the videos on YouTube but without the nuisance of advertisements. YouTube Red was released in the U.S. on 28th October, and will be released internationally in the coming months.

What are its Features

YouTube Red offers a bundle of new features aimed at providing a more seamless experience to users. Here are some of its main features
  • You can watch videos without ads. However, this only applies to videos that are freely available in the first place. Paid channels and rental videos are not covered  under this feature.
  • You can save a video to watch it offline. Videos can be downloaded to your device and can be viewed for 30 days without an Internet connection.
  • You can listen to videos with the screen turned off or in the background while using another app.

Platforms Compatible with YouTube Red

YouTube Red will be available on the following platforms:
  • YouTube and its Android and iOS apps
  • Chromecast
  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • Gaming Consoles: Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, Playstation 3 and Playstation 4
  • Roku (LT, 1, 2, 2 HD, 2 XD, 2 XS, 3, Streaming Stick, Roku TV)
  • Supported Smart TVs
The features that allow offline viewing are only available on YouTube and its iOS and Android apps.

What About those Who don’t Subscribe?

The launch of YouTube Red sparked concerns over what would happen to YouTube users who don’t wish to subscribe for the paid version. Google has quelled all such concerns by assuring that the original YouTube format will remain unchanged and everything will go on as before.

Why Subscribing to YouTube Red might be Good Idea

In addition to the aforementioned features, YouTube will be providing an array of new entertainment and educational series that will be exclusively available on YouTube Red. After the success of Netflix in the past years, it is probable that Google is trying to emulate it with this venture. Which means good news all around for viewers, as more and more fresh series will now have a chance of getting made, adding another glorious chapter to the Golden Age of the small screen.

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