Top Mobile App Development Trends of the Year 2015

The mobile application market has completely transformed since 2014. A lot of changes have been made in the way smartphones and tablets work. Now, mobile app developers need to prep for the upcoming app changes. Top Mobile Application Development Trends 2015 Here is a list of app trends that are ruling in 2015- Rapid mobile development– With the increasing demand of mobile applications, various businesses are launching new app products. To fasten the development process, developers are using various tools as well as frameworks. App security– Maintaining security on mobile devices is a big challenge for developers because of hacking and information leak problem. According to Gartner’s prediction, almost 75% of mobile applications fail to stand by on the security tests. This makes hacking continue until the time developers do not think big and develop a fully secured application. Cloud application– The cloud technology will be playing a crucial role in mobile app development in 2015. In order to integrate and synchronize the apps on multiple devices, cloud approach will be used. This will allow users to access apps on multiple devices with same functionality and content. Beacon technology and location based Wi-Fi Services– With Beacon technology, cellular phones will become smarter than before. Giving new power to the phone with this technology, businesses will truly benefit. It will allow them locate their customers location and provide them specific content right on their mobile phones. In addition to this, Wifi will provide a lot more services than before. In conjunction with MX, a new platform called Wi-Fi MX will be made that allow businesses to engage consumers with right information at the right place from the moment they enter the premises. Wearable tech– Apple Watch was a buzzword in tech and consumer electronics industries in 2014. It focused on fitness and health care industry. But, with the onset of 2015, this device is expected to benefit businesses as well. Enterprises can now improve their productivity and efficiency. Bottom line, in 2015 wearable devices will continue to be the hottest topic for enterprises and various industries. M-commerce, Banking, and Mobile Payments– In 2014, 19% of retail ecommerce sales were made on smartphones or tablets. Looking into the increased sales, this trend will continue in the upcoming years, which will also make consumers adapt to m-commerce. Paying and purchasing will become an easy way with Apple Pay and Google Wallet and likely discontinue the use of debit or credit cards. Internet of Things (IoT)– The use of smart phones has exponentially increased the growth of Internet of Things. Integrated with the WiFi or Beacon technology helps b businesses reach their targeted audience via apps right on time and place. User experience– User experience has become a crucial factor since the time there has been an increase in the number of smart-phones, tablets, and wearable devices. This has increased focus of app developers on creating better user experiences. Mobile gaming– Technological advancement has raised the use of multiplayer games. With this, the social interaction and social media integration has become important. It is expected to continue because of cloud driven games.

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