5 things you should know about PPC

One of the most powerful pain marketing tool is Pay Per Click. Commonly known as PPC, this service is available to all businesses big and small. While some businessmen think that PPC requires investment of huge amount of money, the truth cannot be much farther from it. In reality, PPC is extremely cost-effective and can be done in any amount. There are so many misconceptions regarding the PPC services that majority of business shy away from such a beneficial tool. Here are 5 amazing things you should know about PPC:

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  1. The maximum amounts of clicks come from mobile This is the most important part. Your website needs to be mobile optimized. Google drives about 95% of clicks and searched from the mobile devices. If you are serious about competing in the market, you need to optimize for website for the mobile devices. If you have done PPC marketing, ensure that your PPC campaign is mobile-optimized.

  1. Increase in the remarketing conversion rates take time The majority of visitors often leave the website without converting in any way. The remarketing campaigns are a good way of reminding the people to finish the same that they have begin. Subconsciously, it reinforces the brand of your business. Make sure that your ads are not repeated so much they end up as ads fatigue. While the CTR on the ads decreases with time, the remarketing conversion rate shows that these campaigns are worth time and money.

  1. Use click to call More than half of the people who click on the PPC ads generally call to confirm everything. Thus, you should have your or your business phone number displayed in the PPC ad. Click to call function with right PPC campaign can be the boost you need for your business. Yes, it would mean that you are basically paying for phone calls to your business, but it also a marketing strategy that will boost your business and its reputation for a long time.

  1. Use call tracking to get the big picture In a study, it was explained that after breaking down the conversions of a single landing page in phone call conversions and web page conversions, the conversions of the landing page would be low, showing that the landing page is underperforming. However, after implementing the call tracking, it can be seen that the conversions actually increase. Hence, to be sure of the conversions, make sure you use the call tracking and get the true numbers.

  1. Low CPC = high CTR The better PPC ad gives you high CTR. As the CTR is a crucial part of Google’s Quality Score metric for all ads, the high CTR gives you low CPC making your ads cost quite less what it was before. Simply, it means that if you play by the Google’s rules, you get cheaper clicks on the reward.


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