PPC – What does it Mean, How it is Useful

In today’s age of internet and technology, online marketing is one of the most effective ways to advertise your products and services. To achieve this motive, PPC is a cost effective and result oriented way of advertising a business online. PPC stands for Pay Per Click and is a mode of online advertising wherein payment is carried out based on the qualified number of ‘click-through’. The advertisers display their ads on the popular search engines and have to pay only when any visitor clicks on their displayed ads. When the search words entered by a person searching for some information match the targeted words, called keywords, given by advertisers, the ad is displayed on screen and is most likely clicked. Every click on the ad is counted, as it indicates the number of visitors to the specific link. This makes PPC a good option for the advertisers as they have to pay only for the result, i.e. not for the ad being displayed but only for the ad that is clicked. Advertisers willing to spend the highest amount for a relevant advertisement will generally be listed first on the search engines. Thus, PPC when used with Search Engine Optimization, leads to the promotion of the website, increased brand visibility, increased number of clicks, improved brand image, improved traffic and above all, increased return on the investment. So, if you are a business owner, consider getting an edge over your competitors with the help of Pay Per Click services.

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