3 Things to do when your ranking hits rock bottom

SEO is all about building your website’s ranking. The idea is to progress and move up the ladder. That being said, a single wrong move can cause your rankings to drop and potentially hit rock bottom. It does not necessarily have to happen as a result of just one bad move, as SEO is a dynamic process that requires constant attention.Search Engine Optimization Either way, in the event that your rankings should witness a substantial drop, the next thing to do sis to follow these three steps: 1. Check for Penalties Check Google webmaster to see if the root of the problem lies in one or more penalty you have sustained on Google. In case the answer is no, you can move on to searching for the actual cause. 2. Check your Landing Pages Use Google Analytics to check your landing pages. Check their performance by comparing their monthly analysis. In you manage to uncover, a particular month, when they weren’t able to perform, now you know what you shouldn’t do. 3. Make sure each page in indexed Make sure that there aren’t any noindex tags on any individual website pages. Check the header of each page for noindex tags.

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