A Wrong Decision that Dragged Yahoo towards the Gorge of Huge Losses

Business is all about decisions, one wrong move means you are out of business and one right step mean on the top of the world. This is what happened to World Wide Web, “Yahoo!” Since, they have signed an agreement with “Bing,” experts believes they deliberately thrashed themselves out of the ad business. The most strangulated information that stroked the information technology news board is, “Yahoo search might be gone completely within next couple of weeks”. The media report says that the executives of the firms are in discussions with Google and Microsoft. One of the top-level executive of the company says that, “big brains of Yahoo are still trying to find a way for dispensing its ads technology and search engine business.” This spokesperson also states that, there are possibilities that Yahoo may roll its search engine business into global media division with yahoo communication business. While talking about its 10 years agreement with Bing, by which Bing agreed to power all yahoo search results and self service search ads, was counted as the biggest mistake, by the Yahoo Experts. At this point, in order to gain limelight of search loggers, the company executives promised that they will be putting their level best on improving user interface. The worry that was shared in the beginning about Yahoo search’s complete disappearance is still a mystery and this time, if again Yahoo experts made a wrong choice, they will be eventually nailing the final nail on the coffin of Yahoo search. The I.T pundits claim that, there is no comeback for Yahoo Search, until they introduce something new to the internet aliens, something that could make these people to alter their trust from other search engines on to Yahoo search.

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