the latest Network to be deindexed by Google

In the era of Search Engine optimization (SEO), every organization focuses on better ranking on search engines. Better strategies are being developed to woo the search engine giant Google for better rankings and more traffic. In this highly competitive digital world, it is common to have many trying to manipulate search results on Google. However, Google has started taking down such blog/links networks and the recent one to face the fire has been This website has been forced to shut down its operations after being deindexed by Google. It is a common scenario to have providers resorting to contemptible strategies. All this happens in the name of providing better rankings. However, Google has been coming down heavily on the link building and blog network. Some of these networks also have to pay huge penalties for the manipulation of Google rankings. Google has adopted a proactive approach in de-indexing back link blog network sites. The world of search engine optimization is constantly changing and looks promising for those focused on innovation.

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