Effective ways of using keywords in your marketing strategy

Is your brand missing out on the visibility in search results? If yes, then you need to revise your marketing strategy! An effective marketing strategy comprise of keyword research. It needs to be used appropriately for optimizing the website for search. In this post, you will come to know the best ways of using keywords in your online marketing campaign- Effective ways of using keywords in your marketing strategy Webpage Optimization For optimizing each page for search, keywords are to insert in the following pages-
  • Title tag of the page
  • Meta description for page
  • Image filename and ALT text
  • First paragraph of the page
Content Topic Development As the saying goes ‘Content is the king in marketing strategy’, unique and relevant content is must to post. Posting of blogs, podcasts, videos, etc. brings more visibility in search. However, creating content based on phrases searched by visitors is the question here. There are two ways for posting content-
  1. Create content according to business product or service and then find relevant keyword phrases that fits best.
  2. Research keywords according to business product or service, use those as topics, and create great content.
Overall, keyword placement through content strategy will drive organic search traffic to website. Social Media Profile Optimization After having defined keyword phrase, optimize social profiles and pages. This increases visibility amongst visitors that are using social networks. Optimization of keyword phrases in following profiles and pages-
  • Insert keyword phrase in the bio of Twitter profile
  • Add keyword in “Category,” “Short Description,” and “Long Description of FB
  • Add keyword in Pinterest profiles “About You” box
  • Add in bio of Instagram profiles
  • Insert keyword in professional headline, current job title, summary, skills, and other applicable sections of LinkedIn profile
  • In Google+ profiles, add keyword in personal information that is introduction, skills and more
Caution- Overstuffing of keyword in social profiles is a big no. Overdoing can bring you in the list of spammers. Social Media Update Optimization Inserting keyword in social media updates will bring brands visibility in search results of social networks and potentially even on Google. Guest Post Opportunity Discovery Guest posting with high-quality content provides good exposure in search results and amongst targeted audience. Directory Listing Discovery Gone are the days, when directory link-building strategy used to get as many links as possible. But now, directory with targeted keyword that ranks on the top search result is considered for website optimization. Email Subject Line Optimization Email optimization is another marketing technique. In this, incorporate keyword in the email subject line that makes email appears at the top of the results, when searched by user. UTM Parameter Tracking To know website traffic, UTM parameters are used to track the links coming on website. UTM_term can also be used to track keyword usage. Offline Marketing Besides online marketing, offline marketing is also a great source of increasing brands visibility amongst audience. Wondering, how? Here is answer to your question-
  • Use keyword in business card
  • Use phrases in brochures or flyers
  • Use phrases in vehicle sign or wrap
Note– Offline marketing will help spread your business message amongst audience without them having to go to your website. ConclusionRestrict use of keywords in traditional form of SEO marketing campaign strategies. Think big!

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