Google is about to bang once again with its Modified Web Search Formula

Are you tired of old fashioned web search formula of Google with limited results and sick of watching those blue hyperlinks that one has to follow to grab location information about any searched place? The wait is over and the search leader is about to rock the share market sooner this year. A top level executive at Google search, lifts the veil from its latest search program that is named is, “semantic search”. This tools as explained by Mr. Executive, looks very impressive as unlike the last search based on keywords and presenting results and links, this will be a process where the main website will be enhanced to understand the actual meaning of words. This time the company is aiming at presenting information in such way, which will be a complete replica of human understanding about the world, in other words, it will be like, “how humans understand the world”, said Mr. Executive. In an interview, this spokesperson says that, if people search for the Ground Zero (former World Trade Center), they use to get only hyperlinks to that concerned information such as Wikipedia links, but after this application, they will be able to pull down other related information as well such as its locations, altitude, salt content or average temperature. This blending of semantic search and old search, now Google will be able to provide exact results for the query, “10 top richest people in the world”, instead of hyperlinks to the website containing that information. The project has a mixed response, some experts are of notion that Google is entering into a lifelong process, while other says this is just money spinning idea and right time to invest in Google shares. However, to understand what it is, we have to wait until it launches, fingers crossed.

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