Google Plans to Integrate Semantic Search Results into Universal Blended Results

Buzz is gearing up about Google’s plans for a rolling, substantial overhaul of how we (online spiders) experience search. Google is all set to launch a colossal semantic search update. This update influences-20% of all web searches. This is the second big update to the Google algorithm this year (2012). If your website relies on place, people or feedbacks to generate traffic, it is high time to get serious about micro formats. Furthermore, there are a few semantic games around the search engine amendments made by Google. It should protect its ‘turf’ against conventional search competitors like Microsoft Corp, Bing, new entrants like Apple Inc., and possibly even Twitter and Facebook. Semantic search is utilized by all major search engines to help classify search results and show the most related and relevant information. Nonetheless, the magnitude of its utilization will increase exponentially. Google declared that in the coming months it aims to integrate semantic search results into universal blended search results. Universal blended search results include flight times, movie times, weather, videos, shopping and images. Semantic Search is disambiguating similar search phrases and terms that have dissimilar meanings. Semantic search would enable the search engine to distinguish between animal “jaguar” and car brand “jaguar” on the result showing web page that it might want to provide a link to in web search results. Effect on Your Organic Search Traffic: If a large chunk of your organic search traffic is the outcome of searches for places, people, reviews etc than you require having your entire website marked up with an appropriate micro formatting. Even then, you will observe reduced web traffic on your site because Google’s objective is to make it arduous for searchers to locate your website. Google does not pay a damn about your business they simply care about creating more Adwords click.

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