Have you tried Google’s Graphical Calculator?

Hey you all mathematicians, “have you got to know anything that the search leader Google announced about Enhanced Graphical Calculator” a few days ago! Yes, this is true; this research completed by Google, is becoming increasing popular among mathematic savvies and they are finding it hard to take their hands away from this graphically enhanced and 3D animation embedded math equation solver. These graphical calculators are specially programmed with a competency multitasking such as it can plot graphs, solve simultaneous equations and can perform plentiful other tasks with variables. To check how it works do the following – Log on to google.com Enter any two variable mathematical functions (basic and complex) like x/2, (x/2)^2, ln(x), Cos(pi*x/5) See the 3D animation running, beneath search box Try clicking anywhere on the displayed graph and check out the results from various angles and zooming levels This tool added by the Google is a real time advantage for students of calculus as with this utility they can better understand the three-dimensional graphs and can have a better visualization for real variable functions. The spokesperson from the Google told that, this feature is backboned by WebGL, though which hardware accelerated three-dimensional graphics is made displayed on a web browser without any additional software. This utility works only on modern internet web browser like Chrome or Mozilla (Firefox)  

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