Hey you all Social media Marketers! Do you know this?

Here is the most awaited news of the year, tweaked and leaked by social media examiners, “Which is most preferred channel used by social media marketers for their marketing efforts?” This year a survey was conducted among nearly 3800 such marketers, and the results that appears out, simply left many IT experts flabbergasted. As per the survey a ball park figure states that nearly 87 percent of pushers used e-mail as their marketing channel and crowned email the first most preferred channel. Then comes the never believed one, SEO (search engine optimization), for which results were nothing less than a bolt from the blue. This media with 65%’s preference scored the second place and ruled over the PPC (paid search or online ads) believes of being a most preferred channel. This SEO optimization channel was much favoured by those marketers who are in business to business rather than business to customers. While questioned about their future prospects with SEO, more than half i.e. 68 percent marketers mentioned that they are with plans to hike their SEO budgets while only an insignificant proportion of 9% says, they don’t think they will go with this search engine optimization. Event marketing through speaking or networking enjoyed the status of being third most preferred and gained almost 64% votes. The press release notched up fourth position with 55% and most shockingly, the paid search, tumbled to 38% and stood sixth in the race. Talking about websites, irrefutably, with 92% adoption, ‘Facebook’ crowned the winning diadem and the search leader Google was at sixth. However the experts predict that the latest Google+ is capable enough of rotating the wheel of fortune in favour.

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