Marin Software’s Report about Google’s Paid Search Clicks and Mobile Gadgets

The hottest topic in the discussions of technology pundits nowadays is, “the increasing role of mobile devices on US paid search – Google”. The astonishing facts revealed by reports are surprising at claims that by the end of this year, 25% which was (12.3% till Dec 2011) of Google’s paid search clicks will be coming from smart phones and tablets. The report of Marin software, further disclosed that the bar graphs of Google’s revenue from mobile devices are making new skyscrapers. Since 2009 from$0.2 Billion, it keeps on climbing and for 2011, it was reported at $2.5 Billion. This is predicted, if the same trend continues, by the end of 2012, it will be somewhere near $5.8 Billons and by the year 2016, this will touch $20.7billions. The reports also indicates that more of the paid click this year were noticed from tablets and this gadget brought 38% of total clicks, which are going to grow to an estimated 45% by this year end (2012). In its conclusion, the report diverted the attentions of search marketers about the importance of these mobile devices. The report also asked the technician for digging into the concept of towards Mobile SEO, SEM and mobile tracking.

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