No more Vagueness with Words and No more Artificial Ranking on Google

Is not amazing, now the search leader is about to bridle all those IT pundits who use unethical techniques to hike the Google ranking for their clientele’s business. A top-level pioneer of the apex company disclosed this information in an interview that Google gurus are now about to embed their search engine with semantic search and artificial intelligence. The spokesperson says that, the current website search of Google is like a video library agent, who only can tell you where a particular foreign language DVD is shelved and if you somehow ask him to review that, he may answer, “I don’t understand Cantonese.” He explains that after the launch of this new application, the website will be more comfortable and precise in understanding the meaning of words e.g. if some throws a query about Jaguar, the website will itself understand, whether the search is for an animal or for a car. The executive also express his gratitude towards all Google users, who are buoying him for doing so. In his speech, he also talked about putting a headgear on those websites, who want to raise their ranking artificially on Google by adding such content, which is not even relevant. The man in limelight says, “if our search engine is capable of understanding the meaning of words, it can easily pull out the crap and crappy as well. The spokesperson said there is lot more yet to come from Google, so fasten your seat belts for a new voyage.

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