Panda 3.4 Officially Rolling Through, Google Declared the Update via Twitter

Google furnished a Panda Algorithm update late on Friday. Google rolled out the update on Twitter saying: “Panda refresh (Panda 3.4) rolling out now. Only 1.6% of queries noticeably affected.” Looking into the Google’s ‘tweet’, we can learn two major things: 1.6% of the search queries were affected-which sounds small but is large for those hit by the update This is particularly a refresh of Panda and hence it appears like no new algorithms alterations were made to this “refreshed Panda- 3.4.” Simply put, Google just reran the Panda algorithm on its index. There was speculation that Panda 3.4 was to be rolled out earlier this year, but no one is sure if it was specific Panda related or not. Since Feb 24, 2011, Google has done 14 revisions to Pandas update in hopes for eliminating sites with inferior quality content and absurd links. The most recent update-Panda 3.3 was done on Feb 27th, 2012. Panda 3.4 will arrive as a little consolation for webmasters that watch their websites drop in rank. However, it is too early to speak about the significance of Panda 3.4; most SEO experts do not recognize it as a major update. The initial reviews are that the update is simply a continuation of the original Panda Algorithm update and will continue to affect the ranking of the websites with inferior quality content or content that Google does not feel brings any value to the online visitors.

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