Slay your Worries about Traffic Conditions through Google’s “Current Traffic Conditions”

Portray a scene, you just logged out from you work in a rush as you have to drop off your kin at International Airport. Without any prior intimation, you are served with an abrupt bullshit i.e. your post replacement is half an hour late and you have to stick to your chair for thirty more minutes. In addition to this, on his arrival, if you got to know that there is a dreadful truck accident because of which the only highway that connects airport is blocked, will be more likely adding fuel to fire. The entire traffic merging from city is now directed on to single lane, which is resulting in long traffic queues of shimmering cars and big truck-trailers. Now what? No worries, the leader is back with bang! This time it is “Current Traffic Conditions”, an enhanced and worked application to give its user accurate information about traffic conditions, distance duration and others. Before this application, the search leader Google launched another tool of same genre, which was named as, “Dropped traffic estimates”, but due to the issues and complaints pertaining to the failure of that application, Google pulled it off. A spokesperson says that the primary reasons they discovered behind its inaccuracies and incompetence were improper jargons used by the experts. Unlikely last traffic application, the upgraded application will allow users to know about latest traffic conditions and that too through live streaming (live data). As this announcement strikes the internet, the one single question raised by all experts in one voice was, “how Google will source this data, via Android devices or Inrix (Third Party Provider)?” The solution to the mystery is still pending, however, there are experts who claim that this tool will prove a best solution to all futuristic traffic problems.

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