The Changing Faces of SEO Strategies

Rising number of organizations is becoming aware about the various avenues that the internet has to offer. It is quite common for these organizations to leverage on SEO (search engine optimization) strategies in order to remain competitive. However, there are various myths when it comes to implementing SEO strategies for generating traffic. For instance, previously, emphasis was given upon 3% to 6% keyword density; however, it does not matter as much today. Experts are making use of multimedia rich features such as videos, audio and web presentations in order to generate higher rankings. Most SEO experts today recommend moving away from links generated by article marketing. This means that submitting articles to a directory will not play a major role in increasing the ranking of the website. Search engines such as Google make use of visitor statistics in order to rate the quality of a website. These websites make use of various indicators such as tweets, shares and likes on the various social networking arenas. The world of Search Engine Optimization is undergoing a metamorphosis with the emergence of newer trends that promise more benefits.

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