Top 5 Tips To Help You Secure Your Website

The webmaster and the website owners are responsible for the safety of their website data. The website development process is complex. A website needs to be developed, optimized, and placed live. With so much hard work done, it is crucial that the data is protected.

Knowing about the preventive measures will help you understand the security concerns about the website and prevent them. This way your website would be able to stay live  24/7.


At Soft System Solution, we have been creating WordPress websites for years and  our experts are regularly asked the question about the security of the website. While, it is impossible to secure the website from each and every threat, it does not mean that it cannot be protected.

Here are a few tips to help you secure your website:

Admin change

The first and foremost thing you should do to make your website secure is to change the admin. You need to change the password and username. If you use admin as you username and password, you are putting your website in jeopardy. Admin is one of most easiest password to hack.

Strong password

It is very important to have a strong password. Here is some old and gold advice on creating a strong password.

  • Use more than 12 characters.
  • Add numbers, lowercase and capital letters with alphanumeric symbols
  • Do not use a word from the dictionary or your name. It will be easy to guess.


Opting for a brute force plugin to secure the website is not as efficient as you might think it be. It can lead to website becoming unavailable. The best way to secure is to setup a secondary level password and limit the WordPress access with .htaccess.

Security Plugins

If a bot or a malicious hacker is trying to get the access to the website with brute force attack, the best way to secure your website is by limiting the login attempts. Once you have changed your login details to a strong and secure ones, you’ll be able to repeal any brute force attack.

Two-factor Authorization

The two-factor authentication adds an extra security step to your login procedure. With a single login, you will just put username and password. However, with the second factor authorization, you would need to put in a verification code. This factorization will assure you that your website is secure.

Want to know more about website security? Don’t worry, we can help you out. We are a premier provider of web design, development & app development organization and PPC services in New York. At Soft System Solution, we focus on providing our clients best service through our comprehensive and customized approach.

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