Mobile Application Development New York

A business whether small or big, is becoming aware of the growing importance of mobile marketing, but there are many which are still in dark as to what it actually is, how it works and what are its actual benefits. Do you really need a mobile app for your business?  Cross platform enterprise mobile application development in New York, offers significant benefits of a faster turnaround time, lower costs and easy going management. But how mobile app marketing stands out from other marketing medium? Benefits of mobile app marketing vs. other marketing mediums

Social Media vs. Mobile Marketing

Social media is somewhat a new medium and many small businesses are following it. But it is not of significant use as the users on social media are not looking to make a purchase, they are there to catch up with friends and check updates.

Email Marketing vs. Mobile Marketing

Email marketing is an old method that is still followed by a few businesses. But even if someone subscribes to your list, there’s no surety that they will see your email. And even if they see it is not sure that they will read it. With mobile apps, you have an option of push notification. These are the updates that you get on your phone to let you know something new is going in within one of your apps. As many small businesses know the competition going on these days, so you need to be mobile. That means not just having mobile – friendly website but also connecting with on – the – go customers and employees and helping mobile customers and employees to connect with you. These six mobile applications can help small and midsized businesses to connect with their customers and gain popularity and profit:
  • Mobile geo targeting

Geo targeting in geomarketing and internet marketing is the method to find the location of a website visitor and delivering different data to that visitor based on their location.
  • Mobile customer loyalty programs

What is more exciting than exclusive deals for the customers? Create a mobile app for your loyalty rewards program, users who download the app get access to exclusive deals, early bird specials and more. You can survey which rewards the users prefer and increase engagement and revenue.  
  • Mobile scheduling and reminders

If you are a service business, such as a salon or some studio, mobile apps will allow the customers to make appointments. Then use text or SMS messaging to confirm appointments and to send reminders.
  • Mobile payments

Mobile payments app allows small businesses to swipe credit cards and handle other business transactions through phone. It is a big timesaver and it allows businesses to take payments on the go in seconds.
  • Mobile communication and collaboration

For every small business communication and connectivity is key for success. Slack is a great cost effective example of a communications platform that can help to minimize email and improve collaboration. Slack’s mobile app allows you to stay connected anywhere.
  • Mobile customer service

Mobile apps can also help businesses to guide their customers and support the, in order to maintain the reputation you will need to respond to customers within four hours or as early as possible.
  • Mobile CRM and sales support

Mobile CRM offers owners a wide range of capabilities at their fingertips, thus maintaining the customer relationship management and keeping track of tasks, contacts, organizations and opportunities.

By switching on to these mobile apps, you business will benefit in the following ways:

It boosts interest:The mobile app will give you an easy way to showcase your services to your customers or potential customers. They can use just a one stop point to get all the required information. It increases customer engagement:Almost all the customers are attracted towards good deal and great discounts. And this is exactly you can do with your mobile app. It ensures ease:Users wish for easy to go experience, whether they are using the app or your site on pc or phone. If a mobile app is made with a good plan and a clear vision, it becomes possible to deliver on their expectations. It helps in promotion:Any new product in your business can be displayed to the customers through apps. Thus, promoting your recent updates. And once you are sure of it, you can the basics on your own. Whether you have a small, medium or big business, going mobile is the only way nowadays. People are constantly using their mobile devices to browse the internet and if you do not offer the service, you are missing out on the opportunities. Hire a professional to design the mobile app for your business. The professional designers and developers will make sure you have new content to keep the app fresh and interesting for users.
Mobile traffic has exploded in the last 5 years. The exponential rise in the traffic that goes through mobile devices has been unprecedented to say the least. However, Mobile traffic is further divided into two subsets. The traffic generated by responsive websites built, either exclusively or inclusively, for mobile devices and the traffic generated by mobile apps. New  Mobile Website Vs Mobile App These two are essentially different, from the developer’s desk right up to the way the end users use them. Analyzing these differences can help you determine which platform would be better suited for your business to reach its target audience.  Let’s take a look. Mobile Web                                                                              Market surveys reveal that in terms of time spent by user, mobile websites lag way behind mobile apps. But at the same time mobile websites get almost twice as much overall traffic as compared to apps. Similarly, in terms of the amount of referrals, mobile websites come out on top with Search and Social media being the top sources. User behavior for mobile websites and mobile apps differs vastly. Much of this is due to the fact that the two platforms provide different formats. For example, a random website page found as a result of a search query by a user will include, on average, numerous other outbound links to pages with related or relevant information. Thus even though the time spent by a user on the page might be little, it initiates a chain of exploration that can drive traffic to potentially many other pages or websites. This does not happen in the case of apps. The next section will explain why. Mobile Apps Almost all statistics agree that an overwhelming majority of the people spend most of their times using app rather than mobile website. In fact, about 85 to 90% of the total time spent on mobile device comprises of app usage.  However, the vast majority of this traffic is confined to the top performing select few apps. So much so, that the top 25-50 apps account for nearly 80-90% of all usage. Mobile applications further face the problem of retention. Surveys suggest that most apps would never be opened again after 90 days of installing. The usage graph of most apps out there falls sharply with time, often never repeating the initial spike. Mobile applications by virtue of their format encourage concentrated and prolonged usage but the flipside of this is that they do not generate even half as many referrals and do not drive traffic further. Add to this that mobile applications require substantially more monetary investment during development as compared to a responsive websites. So where should you devote your marketing and development efforts? Keeping the above-mentioned points, business owners planning to build either a website or an app need to carefully consider their objectives and decide which platform best serves them. Experts suggest that unless you have an exceptional team of developers working for you who can create a premium level app that can compete with the best in the niche, it’s a much wiser move to opt for a mobile responsive website. On the other hand, if the service you plan to provide cannot be encompassed by the web platform then you may have no choice but to go for a mobile app. Therefore, before deciding on whether to invest in website development or app development to bolster your business’s online presence carefully evaluate all the factors mentioned here and then settle for the most optimal solution.
The mobile application market has completely transformed since 2014. A lot of changes have been made in the way smartphones and tablets work. Now, mobile app developers need to prep for the upcoming app changes. Top Mobile Application Development Trends 2015 Here is a list of app trends that are ruling in 2015- Rapid mobile development– With the increasing demand of mobile applications, various businesses are launching new app products. To fasten the development process, developers are using various tools as well as frameworks. App security– Maintaining security on mobile devices is a big challenge for developers because of hacking and information leak problem. According to Gartner’s prediction, almost 75% of mobile applications fail to stand by on the security tests. This makes hacking continue until the time developers do not think big and develop a fully secured application. Cloud application– The cloud technology will be playing a crucial role in mobile app development in 2015. In order to integrate and synchronize the apps on multiple devices, cloud approach will be used. This will allow users to access apps on multiple devices with same functionality and content. Beacon technology and location based Wi-Fi Services– With Beacon technology, cellular phones will become smarter than before. Giving new power to the phone with this technology, businesses will truly benefit. It will allow them locate their customers location and provide them specific content right on their mobile phones. In addition to this, Wifi will provide a lot more services than before. In conjunction with MX, a new platform called Wi-Fi MX will be made that allow businesses to engage consumers with right information at the right place from the moment they enter the premises. Wearable tech– Apple Watch was a buzzword in tech and consumer electronics industries in 2014. It focused on fitness and health care industry. But, with the onset of 2015, this device is expected to benefit businesses as well. Enterprises can now improve their productivity and efficiency. Bottom line, in 2015 wearable devices will continue to be the hottest topic for enterprises and various industries. M-commerce, Banking, and Mobile Payments– In 2014, 19% of retail ecommerce sales were made on smartphones or tablets. Looking into the increased sales, this trend will continue in the upcoming years, which will also make consumers adapt to m-commerce. Paying and purchasing will become an easy way with Apple Pay and Google Wallet and likely discontinue the use of debit or credit cards. Internet of Things (IoT)– The use of smart phones has exponentially increased the growth of Internet of Things. Integrated with the WiFi or Beacon technology helps b businesses reach their targeted audience via apps right on time and place. User experience– User experience has become a crucial factor since the time there has been an increase in the number of smart-phones, tablets, and wearable devices. This has increased focus of app developers on creating better user experiences. Mobile gaming– Technological advancement has raised the use of multiplayer games. With this, the social interaction and social media integration has become important. It is expected to continue because of cloud driven games.
With the advancement and new features of the watch OS2, different apps can now combine well with Apple Watch. The three primary ways, through which people can interact with an app on apple watch are- by viewing different notifications, accessing information in one glance and interacting with the app itself. Apple Watch App Optimization Notifications The Apple Watch notifications enable communication and quick interactions. In addition, the apple watch notifications are received in two stages- short looks and long looks.
  • Short looks– The short look only gives the brief information about the notification and the app that sends it. Furthermore, you need to stay focused on the content of the notifications that you send.  For an effectively designed short look notification, keep the titles short and brief but make sure it is easy to understand and the body should include all the detailed information of the notification. In addition to this, make sure you provide only the basic information in the notification title.
  • Long looks– The long look provides all the detailed information about the incoming notifications. The long look appears when the user’s wrist is raised, but as soon as the user lowers his wrist, the notifications are automatically dismissed. You can even dismiss it manually. In addition, there are custom designed long looks available that come in dynamic and static versions. The dynamic version allows full access to the content and provides more options to organize the looks of the interface, whereas the static version allows displaying a message along with static text and images.
For long looks, you need to keep few things in mind- –          Add minimum of four custom action buttons –          Provide static as well as an optional dynamic interface –          Use predesigned images or cache images  in your dynamic interface –          Design static images in advance and package them with your app Glances Glances are the collection of some moments from the user’s favorite application. In other words, glance means to get a quick look at content. For the best glance, you need to keep few things in mind, like-
  • Make relevant glances-The content of the glance that you will create should include all the necessary and useful information. You can even use time and location feature to provide more information.
  • Provide quick and easy to read content-Always provide content that is easy to understand and read. You can use large fonts, suitable font style, fewer words, images etc. to convey your ideas.
  • Left alignment-Prefer using left alignment for all the glance content. This way the glance will look good on the device.
Apple Watch Application Process Furthermore, you can also use templates to design and promote a consistent layout. The upper and lower portion of the glance represents the baseline of the content whereas the upper right corner represents the system’s status indicators. WatchKit Apps As compared to glances and notifications, the watchkit gives extra detailed information. You can even use this app to display important information and facilitate interactions. Navigation The watchkit app uses one or more than one screen therefore the navigation option can be of best use in this case. There are two types of navigation models available- page based and hierarchical. You cannot use both of them in one single app.
  • Page based navigation-Every item is displayed on a single page in a page-based navigation. You can swipe horizontally to steer through one page to another.
  • Hierarchical navigation- Hierarchical navigation is precisely used for detailed interfaces or to present a list of options. You can even add some new content later and can easily extend your app.
You can help minimizing scrolling with the help of navigation. For example- if you create a page that is long, people will find it difficult to scroll through all the pages and look for the required information whereas if the pages are short, it becomes easy to scroll and people can find all the necessary information easily. Therefore, focus on creating short and relevant pages. It is always preferred to choose a solo navigation style but you can also use modal sheets in some cases. Modal sheets A modal sheet is used to display content and give some choice to the users in response to the selected action. It is a full screen view. At the top- left corner of the modal sheet, you will find a white close button that is used to dismiss the interface.
  • You can change the title of the close button if you want.  Although, apple watch gives a default title, but you can still change it according to your need.
  • Avoid using “back” or “<” in the close button title to avoid any confusion.
  • Do not use close button that looks like a page or app title.
  • Keep your modal sheet simple. For example- you can avoid using navigation and in addition avoid showing one modal sheet from another.
Handoff There are times when people want to dig deep into the content. Therefore, handoff component is exclusively designed for Apple watch app to convey more information to the wearer.  You can use this unique component by simply swiping on the icon on your ios device.