The webmaster and the website owners are responsible for the safety of their website data. The website development process is complex. A website needs to be developed, optimized, and placed live. With so much hard work done, it is crucial that the data is protected.

Knowing about the preventive measures will help you understand the security concerns about the website and prevent them. This way your website would be able to stay live  24/7.


At Soft System Solution, we have been creating WordPress websites for years and  our experts are regularly asked the question about the security of the website. While, it is impossible to secure the website from each and every threat, it does not mean that it cannot be protected.

Here are a few tips to help you secure your website:

Admin change

The first and foremost thing you should do to make your website secure is to change the admin. You need to change the password and username. If you use admin as you username and password, you are putting your website in jeopardy. Admin is one of most easiest password to hack.

Strong password

It is very important to have a strong password. Here is some old and gold advice on creating a strong password.

  • Use more than 12 characters.
  • Add numbers, lowercase and capital letters with alphanumeric symbols
  • Do not use a word from the dictionary or your name. It will be easy to guess.


Opting for a brute force plugin to secure the website is not as efficient as you might think it be. It can lead to website becoming unavailable. The best way to secure is to setup a secondary level password and limit the WordPress access with .htaccess.

Security Plugins

If a bot or a malicious hacker is trying to get the access to the website with brute force attack, the best way to secure your website is by limiting the login attempts. Once you have changed your login details to a strong and secure ones, you’ll be able to repeal any brute force attack.

Two-factor Authorization

The two-factor authentication adds an extra security step to your login procedure. With a single login, you will just put username and password. However, with the second factor authorization, you would need to put in a verification code. This factorization will assure you that your website is secure.

Want to know more about website security? Don’t worry, we can help you out. We are a premier provider of web design, development & app development organization and PPC services in New York. At Soft System Solution, we focus on providing our clients best service through our comprehensive and customized approach.

Since its conception, the internet has changed lives of people all around the globe. Not only it has connected people, but it has given small businesses and startups a chance to grow. Before the internet, startups often took a long time to grow. The main reason was money and marketing. Due to limited money, they had to rely on the local marketing. However, the internet changed everything.

SEO services

A new business or startup requires conversions for their new websites. SEO or search engine optimization aims at increasing the ranking of a particular web page. The web page can be a landing page, about us or the full website. The goal is to optimize the website in such a way that when a relevant search term is entered, your business features highest on the list. SEO services create a perfect balance between the website functionality and design. The target audience’s behavior is researched and the plan is created according to it. The customized and unique approach to each and every website makes these services considerable part of the internet.


Benefits of SEO services

A new business requires visitors especially if it is internet-based. SEO services optimize the website on the basis of geography, content, business goals and the keywords. The benefit of these services remains for a long time. The digital marketing enhances the website ranking and brings in more leads and conversions.

  • Connect with audience Once the website is optimized, your website will start showing up when people make the relevant searches. Potential customers will visit the website. This lead will turn into a customer when they call you directly or ask for a quote. The SEO services can work in all industry niches and help you get your desired audience. Couple the website optimization with social media platforms, you can build a loyal fan following with regular digital marketing.

  • Cost-effective At Soft System Solutions, we offer SEO services in New York at cost-effective packages. Even a new business or a startup can afford the prices and benefit from the services. The services often come as a full-fledged SEO package, however, you can select particular service you need. A full package of SEO includes robots.txt, webmaster settings, Google Analytics account setup and even social media integration.

  • Diversified approach To get new customers or get more leads and conversions, it is necessary to create a diversified approach. While every business has targeted audience, to create new leads various approaches need to employes. Posting regular content out on the blog, optimizing the website according to the search engine needs and targeting the traffic for instant revenue and subscriptions.

With SEO services in New York, it becomes easier to achieve the goals. The services give a much-needed boost to the new websites. Contact us to know more about our SEO services.

Advanced SEO

There are many users who start writing a blog or build a business website without having any idea about the SEO for the same. It becomes difficult to promote the website on the search engine results without proper SEO in play.

The On Page SEO can be improved significantly and make a huge different to your website’s ranking. When the SEO is combined with excellent content, this combo creates a master stroke for improvement of site traffic. Here are some outstanding techniques that are catching up pace in places like NYC for an improved search engine optimization experience.


The page titles are or prime importance for SEO of the website. Every page created and each post published should have a specific and unique title that defines it clearly and doesn’t create any confusion in the mind of the viewer.

For example: While writing a post about limos it is important to include limousine, limo service etc. in the keywords. You can also include city name if creating page for a specific location.

This allows the users to reach your page with a variety of combination word search.

URL Composition:

The URL’s should not be complicated ones and must have an approach which is search engine friendly. It is recommended today to have shorter URLs as they can yield better results on the search engines. The length if the URL is not the only factor to consider, there are other factors like the keyword composition that can affect the search results  and having them in the URL can be a game changer in SEO.

Clearly, if you have a link like is bound to perform better than a complex URL like

Meta Descriptions:

Emitting the use of meta descriptions is not a wise move for any website admin. The meta descriptions are an integral part of SEO and including them in the content will help in promoting positive results on the pages where the keywords are listed. For example if you are publishing a story about diamond jewellery the including descriptions like ‘jewellery built to last by excellents craftsman’ can help in getting the desired keywords lined properly.

Meta Tags:

A set of desired keywords can be clubbed together to create meta tags for each of the existing pages. But remember one thing that these keywords should be relevant with the content and have to be well researched beforehand. There are various plugins in platforms like WordPress that can help you to create meta tags, descriptions based on the page titles and they convert the information automatically in the HTML format to reduce your work.

Body Tags:

A sound content strategy always says that the content should be broken into small sections and the paragraphs should not be very lengthy to allow easy reading. These paragraphs can also be denoted in points and that is where tags like H1, H2, H3 etc. come into play. While the H1 tags are used with title on the main page, H2 and H3 can be used with subheadings along the whole post.

Titles that are rich in keywords are better than the general titles. So if you are including the tags in your post then it is better to have a keyword rich approach towards content.


One of the most engaging way to publish content is by using it with images. Not only does it make the website more appealing but it also increases the span of attention with which the users read your content. Images are a great way to improve the website’s overall SEO; they can have titles and relevant keywords can be associated with them to boost the post in search results.

Keyword Density:

It is a good idea to have the keywords in the content, but at times people over do and stuff their content with keywords. This brings them on the radar for sources like Google Panda and Penguin and reduces the page ranking for publishing poor quality content of keyword spamming. Thus, knowing the right keyword density is of prime importance. The number of times the keywords should appear is a subject to the length of the content. It is advised to have 2-5% keyword density for the best results.

Internal Links:

While many may say that links from other websites are best, they often ignore the importance of internal linking as well. Internal links are a big asset when it comes to creating links for SEO and can divert traffic to your website in a very result oriented manner. This also improves your site’s ranking and helps it improve the pagerank while climbing the search results.

These are some of the most notable and advanced techniques being implemented in On Page SEO. Hiring a professional company for the purpose is a great option instead of creating a wrong strategy during hit and trial method. Get in touch with an expert today and make the most out of your SEO experience.

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