Did you know that 67% users make purchases from a mobile-friendly website, instead from plain desktop websites? Facts like this are the reason why majority of developers are making transition to mobile-friendly responsive website creation only. For this purpose, tools like ‘Foundation’ help a great deal.

Why Every Developers & Designers Needs to Know About Foundation

Foundation (by ZURB) is a front-end framework widely used by developers for creating mobile-friendly websites. It allows you to work in HTML, CSS & jQuery, in conjunction with Sass and Rails. Foundation offers a range of functions and features that are tightly regimented for the use of developers and designers. Responsive websites can be built with its fluid grid system, jQuery slider, a lightbox plugin, and HTML elements that are packed in the Foundation framework. Custom forms (comprising jQuery, input elements, dropdowns, and checkboxes) can easily be created through it. The feature of creating custom mobile layout in this framework gives an additional advantage of making personalized changes according to the need of mobile users. 10 Prominent Features of Foundation framework
  • Its quick– Mobile friendly websites created with Foundation framework offer better pace of navigation.
  • Completely customizable– Websites built in Foundation can easily be restyled according to specific needs.
10 Prominent Features of Foundation framework
  • Offers brilliant mobile user experience. 
  • GPU acceleration– Better animation is possible via this framework making the website look smarter and better.
  • Improved forms-Easy coding helps in creating custom build forms in this framework.
  • Faster to code – Faster coding for all sizes (small grid, medium grid or large grid) is possible in this framework.
  • It offers various ready to use templates
  • Libsassy– Integration of Foundation with Libsass (a Sass processor) helps in creating friendly and dynamic websites with great programmatic features.
  • Easy to use– Getting started with Foundation framework is not a tough job. Be it beginner or an experienced developer/ designer, coding is done easily through it.
  • Rapid prototyping– Ideas can be easily executed into a real picture in this framework, which eventually helps in fastening the prototyping process of the website.