The last decade has seen an exponential rise in the number people using social networks to connect with each other. After Facebook came Instagram and Pinterest, and together they have raised the popularity of visual content to unprecedented heights. Let’s see how and why businesses should use this popularity. The Power of Visual Content Infographic
While Facebook and Twitter claim to be in the first row of popular social networks, LinkedIn is gradually emerging as an equally strong force to reckon with! While not only is it redefining the limits of what a networking platform can be or can achieve, it has given clear hints that LinkedIn is no longer comfortable with the tag of ‘one of the biggest networking platforms’, and it now aims for the number 1 position! Different features and aspects make LinkedIn one of its kind, but the fact that it nurtures businesses and supports their growth have been considered the most prominent ones. It has not been long when LinkedIn came forward with the idea of showcase pages, another unique opportunity for businesses to grow! Take a look at what these showcase pages are, and how exactly you can use them to do even better through LinkedIn! Market Your Business Using LinkedIn Showcase Pages
No Social Media Marketing Plan is complete without a dedicated approach for LinkedIn! Yes, that true because LinkedIn has lot more to offer than just professional networking. This is the reason why it has been creating a buzz in the social media corners lately. If you do not promote your business/products/services on this media giant, you are definitely missing on a lot. Wondering how? Here’s everything you must know about LinkedIn- With The Right LinkedIn Marketing Plan, Sky Is The Limit!