Talking to developers about C#, they find it most simple, compatible, dynamic, and object-oriented programming language. Learning c# is very easy, if one knows about Java or C++. However, many may think completely the other way round. Probably they are not aware with its facts and features, or they have some misconceptions.

Why C# language is developers dearest

Before we get on to understand what it is, let us take a quick look what are the widely presumed misconceptions about C# that has restricted many developers from using this language- Myths-
  • “It is only Microsoft’s property”- Well answer to this is no! Microsoft did developed it, but ECMA and ISO approved it.
  • “It can only run in Windows”- This fact is not true. As it is Common Language Infrastructure, it can function on any platform.
  • “It runs efficiently on Windows and not on Linux “- The C# compiler is not specifically designed for Windows, but for other versions as well like Linux. Thus, it can run efficiently on all operating systems.
Reading the afore-mentioned points it is quite clear that there are no grounds of it but are mere myths. Now once we are clear with C# myths, let us now get started to read about it and its advantages. What is C# (C sharp)? C# is an object oriented programming language designed for the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI). It is most simple, yet an effective programming language including strong typing feature. Different versions of C#
  • C# 1.0
  • C# 1.2
  • C# 2.0
  • C# 3.0
  • C# 4.0
  • C# 5.0
  • C# 6.0
C# helps to build a safe and robust application on .NET framework, which is why this language is dearest to developers. Following are few other advantages of this language that states its importance for developers- Advantages of C # Advantages of C#-
  • C# is simple to understand and easy to learn language
  • No need of COM plumbing or registry lookups because namespace and classes can easily be imported in this language.
  • C# supports XML comments
  • Its syntax are easy as compared to other languages like C++
  • Operator overloading function can easily be applied in it, which is not there in VB.NET
  • Access to memory directly is possible in it
  • Nested classes can easily be derived in this language, which is allowed in C and C++
  • The biggest advantage of this language is it support reflection mechanism
  • C# can easily be used in conjunction with .NET language