With an increasing popularity of smartphones, developing a mobile app for your business has become a necessity rather than an option. Across the globe, smartphones have overtaken the traditional desktops as primary mode for accessing the internet. Even the developing countries have 90% of population with mobile phones. It therefore, is vital to create mobile apps for businesses especially e-commerce store because that’s where the potential customers can be found.


With the digital money transfers and mobile wallets available, more and more people keep money in their phones and use it for shopping. It’s like the world in one pocket. Today, you can see a mobile app for almost everything, ordering foods, schools, colleges, banking, social media platforms and the list is never ending.  As per Google Statistics, June 2016 had more than 2 billion apps available in the Apple’s app store and 2.2 million apps on Google Play store. This statistics clearly show that how important it is for any business to have their mobile app.


Here are few reasons why businesses need to invest in mobile apps


1.       Mobile is not future, it is present – 500 companies who got mobile apps for their businesses witnessed 80% increase in their sales and 42% of these sales came through mobile apps. Whether you are looking for clothes, or want to pay your electricity bills, mobile apps are being used for everything from shopping, surfing to entertainment. As per a survey, mobile users spend 86% of their digital time on mobile apps and only 14% of their time on mobile websites. Consumers are prone to mobile apps than mobile websites or desktops.

2.       A powerful branding tool – Mobile app development may cost you a little, but the benefits are countless. You can leverage mobile apps to introduce enticing deals, discounts and offers for your customers. Moreover, it is even easier for customers to give feedback about your brand. A well developed app with good user experience will always leave an impact on your potential consumers, making them your brand advocates.

3.       Brand recognition – Having mobile app on Android and iOS store can create brand recognition. With every brand having an app, customers tend to trust those businesses that have their own mobile apps.

4.       Gives global reach – Mobile apps let your brand reach global audience, thus, increasing your target market. Whether you’re in UK, US or France, your targeted customers can still us your app and help in expanding your business.

5.       Easy mobile payments – The biggest benefit of having a mobile app is that you can accept payments for your services at anytime, anywhere. With more and more people indulging in digital transactions, it promotes cashless transaction and makes your app more convenient for the users.

6.       Real-time data analysis – The real time data analysis feature of a mobile app allows you to collect and analyze the activity data of your users to understand their interests and make accurate decisions in real-time.

Apps are also a great way to offer customer support and assistance to the customers. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you need to embrace latest technology trends. If your business doesn’t have a mobile app, it’s high time, get a mobile app designed now! Our developers are experts in Android and iPhone app development in New York. We have developed mobile apps for some of the leading brands across different industries.

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Today, the technology has transformed everything. People become more active and smart by using this technology. The complexity level of the work also has been reduced by the latest technology based devices and equipment.

mobile app development

In short, it would be correct to say that advanced technology has put an imperative effect to the whole world.

Mobile app development is one of the biggest example of this effect. Nowadays, numerous kinds of apps are available for Android and iOS mobile phones which are not only user engaging but also simplifies your day-to-day tasks.

Hence, in order to make these apps more demanding and useful, several mobile app development agencies in New York come into picture.

Why Is It Essential To Develop Mobile Apps?

No wonder, all kinds of business whether large, medium or small are taking benefit of the mobile apps as it supports them to stay competitive and improve efficiency.

Have a look at some of the most popular benefits of mobile app development for businesses:

1. Keep Digital Files for Accountability

For thoughts and considerations identified with your client, one can without much of a stretch record them on the phone for dictation. These recordings can then be stored in a safe location and can be used by only authorized staff. This can help in enhancing responsibility and furthermore serve your clients better.

2. Enhance Productivity

As the business apps are custom built in order to keep your business needs in attention. Thus, here the advance mobile apps work as an inclusive app and perform various functions and also avoid the need for several apps.

Not only this, these apps are specially designed to match the one’s working style therefore, these will increase the business’s productivity and ultimately improves business ROI.

3. Make It Easy To Manage The Project

By using the user engaging mobile apps, one can manage their project effectively and without any error. Mobile apps can be installed to keep a real-time analysis on your project progress and deadlines. Modifications can be sent after completion of each phase of the project and keep the billing cycle for each stage of the project.

So, the mobile apps can make the project management quite easy!

4. Provide High Scalability

Standard applications are worked to deal with a set number of assets and procedures. In the case of your business developing, these applications may not be able to deal with the heap. Specially designed applications, then again are developed remembering every one of these parameters and can be scaled up effortlessly when the need emerges.

5. Keep Your Essential Data Safely

General business applications may have the particular security highlights, which can put your business information to hazard. Having a mobile application made exclusively for your business can fortify your information security framework, as important safety efforts will be dealt with as indicated by your business needs while application improvement.

6. Offers Real-Time Project Access

During, having simple access to all your work archives turns out to be extremely valuable. Having an altered application for your business, you can without much of a stretch synchronize your telephone with your desktop and have entry to all your work archives, errands, timetables, and so forth.

Additionally, recovering leaflets and contracts which can be imparted to your customers turns out to be simple with custom business applications.

After reading these points, no one can deny the importance of mobile apps for any kind of business!

Soft System Solution is one of the New York based multinational companies, offering the top classes mobile app services to their clients. The way to develop any app will warm the cockles of your heart. The mobile app developers of the company are highly experienced and capable of delivering any kind of task on time.

The company is expert in the android development, iPhone development and Apple watch development.

What does Soft System Solution has in store for you?

With rich and core knowledge of different operating system frameworks, as well as iPhone simulators, the team of designers and programmers at Soft System Solution deliver tailored solutions as per the requirements of different clients spanning almost all major industries.

Some of the applications that the professionals at Soft System Solution can design for you include:

  • Fun applications

  • Utility applications

  • Internet application

  • Language conversion

  • Business and office application

  • Multimedia application

  • Games

The essence of having a mobile application can be vital for your business. With the shift in momentum towards mobile utility apps and games, more and more companies are looking to cash in the possibilities of this multi-level domain. Connect to a certified mobile app development company today to discover how you can harness the energy of mobile apps to scale and grow your business.

The ease and convenience offered by the mobile applications is immense and is also a crucial aspect for all mobile users. For every phase of life, a mobile application is available or can be custom developed for a particular use. Business enterprises that want to be successful need to build apps that can give them an edge among their competitors.

Mobile Application Development New York


There are several companies for mobile application development in New York region that can create any application that you require. Some of the popular mobile applications developed for various purposes are:

Geolocation Apps:

These are the applications that can locate the geographic coordinates of the mobile with the help of internet and can incorporate GPS for various purposes, such as travel application, navigatory apps, maps and climate prediction. Finding a location of cafe or boutique was never this easy.

Social Networking in New York:

Social networking is a big rage and using social media has become an expression that every youngster does. The mobile applications of social media sites can be used easily for sharing content, and interests.

Multimedia Apps:

Applications that are created for people who are creative and like using apps for editing, and capturing photos, manipulating audio and video files. These applications have universal appeal among the smartphone users for their innovative functionality.

Gaming Apps:

The most download category of mobile applications, gaming apps can be developed to the preferences of people belonging to different age groups. Puzzles, ports, card games, action games and many different creative gaming apps acne be developed. Some of the gaming apps are also used for entertainment or educational purpose.

Educational Apps:

There is now a trend of learning different languages through the application available on apple store or google play. Educational apps are used for research purposes, as study references, and practice source used by kids and adults alike.

Lifestyle Applications:

Lifestyle apps are for specific audience and it can be on any theme:

  • Fashion

  • Cooking

  • Religion

  • History

  • Nature

Organizing Apps:

These days, people have started to use mobile ppas for managing their daily activities. Alarm clocks, notes, stopwatch, calendar, calculator, flashlight and many other apps are used for effectively for various work purposes.

Mobile Marketplace:

The client applications, that store and process data and transfer it to the client side is well favored for mobile commerce shops and other social networks. Easy to use, they can be built for different mobile platforms.


Choosing a qualified mobile app developer can ensure that the application developed has no glitches and has rich functionality. Keep the following points in mind while you select a mobile app developing company:

Technical Know-how:

  • The developer should have good technical knowledge.

  • Complete knowledge of different mobile platforms and operating systems.

  • XCode development and Apple developer guidelines.

  • JAVA programming for android app developers.

Sample Work:

To see the quality of the company’s work, you can ask for their sample work. You can easily evaluate the work and thus, determine whether their work meets the required standards. You can also give them a mini task for sample work, to be sure about their originality and innovation.


Reputation can make a world of difference in ensuring that you get a high quality end product. The online reviews and ratings on various review portals and their website can help you get an idea about their credibility.

Following these aforementioned factors, you can select a seasoned mobile developer who can build a desirable mobile app that meets your benchmarks.