There are a lot of different online methods used to enhance a particular business or a product. Pay per click is one of the extremely powerful options used for advertising purposes. Those who want to increase the sales of a specific product can choose pay per click services. It is used by both small as well as large businesses. It is one of the most preferred and popular online methods because of it’s quick results. In this blog, we will discuss some of the benefits of this service.
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PPC increase the level of a business- This is one of the most compelling reasons to use PPC services. PPC advertising may assist a specific business and raise the level of the business. It can help in achieving marketing goals which increase the sales of the products and give a tough competition to the established businesses. PPC is a powerful method which can regulate the traffic drivers. This can promote the services given by a particular business by advertising the content downloads, contest entries, and signups. It is a great tool which can aware the customers regarding the service and features of the product.

PPC is measurable and trackable- PPC advertising is a tool that can be tracked easily. You can measure and track the results as mostly the PPC advertising runs through the AdWords. You can use the AdWords tool with the Google Analytics to analyze the results. You can link the PPC traffic on the landing page and easily track the results.

Smart Entry- Even if you are new in a business, you can easily make your space in the market. You can compete with your competitor easily via PPC advertising. If the SEO and PPC work together the results are really appreciable. You can notice the results immediately after the launch. Moreover, you can target the necessary audience. There are so many settings that you can use to land the targeted traffic to the landing pages.

PPC acts fine with different marketing channels- SEO and PPC work really well together which helps the traffic to land in the required place. As we all use Google to find the information before purchasing a product. Therefore, you can use PPC advertising and SEO and content marketing side-by-side.

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One of the most powerful pain marketing tool is Pay Per Click. Commonly known as PPC, this service is available to all businesses big and small. While some businessmen think that PPC requires investment of huge amount of money, the truth cannot be much farther from it. In reality, PPC is extremely cost-effective and can be done in any amount. There are so many misconceptions regarding the PPC services that majority of business shy away from such a beneficial tool. Here are 5 amazing things you should know about PPC:

Pay per click, Online web marketing Business concept with illustration of people working on digital devices.

  1. The maximum amounts of clicks come from mobile This is the most important part. Your website needs to be mobile optimized. Google drives about 95% of clicks and searched from the mobile devices. If you are serious about competing in the market, you need to optimize for website for the mobile devices. If you have done PPC marketing, ensure that your PPC campaign is mobile-optimized.

  1. Increase in the remarketing conversion rates take time The majority of visitors often leave the website without converting in any way. The remarketing campaigns are a good way of reminding the people to finish the same that they have begin. Subconsciously, it reinforces the brand of your business. Make sure that your ads are not repeated so much they end up as ads fatigue. While the CTR on the ads decreases with time, the remarketing conversion rate shows that these campaigns are worth time and money.

  1. Use click to call More than half of the people who click on the PPC ads generally call to confirm everything. Thus, you should have your or your business phone number displayed in the PPC ad. Click to call function with right PPC campaign can be the boost you need for your business. Yes, it would mean that you are basically paying for phone calls to your business, but it also a marketing strategy that will boost your business and its reputation for a long time.

  1. Use call tracking to get the big picture In a study, it was explained that after breaking down the conversions of a single landing page in phone call conversions and web page conversions, the conversions of the landing page would be low, showing that the landing page is underperforming. However, after implementing the call tracking, it can be seen that the conversions actually increase. Hence, to be sure of the conversions, make sure you use the call tracking and get the true numbers.

  1. Low CPC = high CTR The better PPC ad gives you high CTR. As the CTR is a crucial part of Google’s Quality Score metric for all ads, the high CTR gives you low CPC making your ads cost quite less what it was before. Simply, it means that if you play by the Google’s rules, you get cheaper clicks on the reward.


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Undoubtedly, Google dominates the U.S. search volume. Approximately, two third of the search queries are made from Google Search Engine. On the other hand, while Bing is also giving its best to their search, it still is the redheaded stepchild. google-vs-bing
SEO and PPC have their loyal audience. While there are other enthusiasts that believe in both! But, what works the best has always been a hot topic of debate. We have tried to clear the air in this infographic. How serious are you about SEO & PPC ? Please share your views through comments! Who says you need one – SEO or PPC
PPC is perhaps the fastest way to increase your web traffic. But, even the slightest miscalculation in your strategy can lead to nothing but a waste of your funds. Here are three things to keep in mind while implementing a PPC campaign. Improve conversion rate A central idea of any PPC campaign, and a measure of the service provider as well. Improving conversion rate means getting the worth of every penny spent by you. Your campaign should not be based on getting as many clicks as possible; rather it has to focus on getting the right crowd to click on your ads.Pay Per Click marketing Expand beyond Google Google ads may be the most viable source of good PPC, but they are not the only. Bing ads are very effective and then there is the option of social network platforms. People log into their facebook, twitter and tumblr every day, so us use that to your advantage. Put geographical constraints on ads The number of people that can see your ad should depend on the size of your establishment. If your operations are small scale, then limit your target audience to your local city. Keep lifting the said constraints as our business expands.
Backed by the solid ethics of Microsoft,Bing is getting bigger and bigger with eachday. Interestingly, this latest search engine is getting 42 million unique visitors and more than 172 searches in a month. How can Bing help your business? Bing boasts of enough traffic, and alike any other search engines, it does also offer people to advertise. Creatinga pay per click campaignwith Bing would not be a bad idea,as it give your business the much needed boost.adwords to bing ads How to get started?
  • Start by creating an account with Bing.
  • Target your audience in the ad center. Here you need tomention who will see your advertisement.
  • Create an advertisement that goes with your products and services.
  • Enter keywords, which you think yourtargeted audiencemightbe usingtoreach your products.
  • Set your budget.
Bing ads versus Google ads
  • The pay per click campaigns implemented on Bing cost less as compared to ad campaigns implemented on Google.
  • Bing advertisements allow you to target audience according to their gender and age whereas it is not possible with Google AdWords.
  • The number of sponsored advertisements that appear on Bing is more than the number of ads appears on Google search index page.
Google AdWords is another amazing product of Google. It actually comprises of a tool used for searching keywords for the purpose of PPC. In this section, we will take a look at some of the common terms associated with Google AdWords. Keywords: It can be a phrase or a word which internet users, use to search a particular product or service on Google or a particular section of the web. Competition: It shows how many people using AdWords are bidding for a specific keyword to stay ahead in the game of pay per click marketing by getting their ads displayed for the maximum number of times (specific to a particular term) Competition can be both high and low.  If it is high, it means that more users are trying to buy that particular phrase or keyword and vice versa. Speculations say that highly competitive keywords stand less chances of being successful compared to low ones. Global Monthly Search This numerical figure shows how many times Google users used a particular keyword. It requires considering the total number of times, a keyword was used in the past one year divided by twelve (number of months). This figure gives a clear understanding about the importance of keywords. This way, you can know which keywords are attracting visitors and which ones are not. Local Monthly Searches This field comes up whenever a visitor uses some region, area or language specific keyword. It also shows filtered results that include only those, which are as per user’s specifications.
Pay per click marketing as you likely know, is one of the most conventional ways of increasing traffic to your website. However, you may not be aware of the distinct advantages (discussed below) that this method offers, compared to other methods of making your website more popular: 1. The traffic you get is niche based. The only way someone clicks on an ad online, is if a genuine interest is evoked regarding the concerned ad. 2. Considering that the amount per click is usually very little, even if a small number of the people that click on your ad go on to avail a service, you will end up making a good profit. 3. This is one of the fastest and most effective ways to increase traffic. This is because the ads appear quickly, and it does not take long to create an ad compared to an advertorial.
Paying attention to search query reports while using AdWords for the pay per click campaigns is the key to successful PPC. Reports will show the keywords that are being used to reach you, and also helps you identify the negative keywords. Query reports basically comprise a list of search terms which trigger the impression of the associated ads. Below mentioned are the ways to make use of that search query: 1. Find out newer negative keywords. Undoubtedly, those advertisers who ignore this report will be surprised to see how many irrelevant terms can actually match with their ads. So set them as negative keywords. This way one can save big money on those clicks which are wasted and do not yield any conversion. 2. Second suggestion is to figure out new keywords. By checking the reports watchfully, you will identify new terms used by public. Including those new keywords and publishing specific and associated ad text in order to support those keywords can improve the profits by improving the quality of clicks.
Also known by names like ‘Pay-Per-Placement’, ‘Cost-Per-Click’, or ‘Pay-Per-Ranking’, PPC provides you a way to list your business to appear at the top of popular search engines’ search results by advertising on search terms (commonly called keywords) that can describe your business and its products or services in the best possible way. It is a dynamic marketplace where every business makes their best efforts to grab the topmost position. To attain maximum exposure for your business, Pay-Per-Click can help you. PPC uses the concept- the greater you bid, the highest your Ad will be shown on the search engine’s result list. Elaborately, advisers pay for web hosts when they receive clicks on their Ad listings and visit your web site. One important thing to notice is that you will not have to pay for your ads to appear in various results, but only when someone clicks on those ads.