Reputation or goodwill is known to make or break the business. However, where the entrepreneurs and the business owners are wrong, it is in their consideration of thinking that online reputation management (ORM) is similar to risk management. This is completely wrong. Reputation management is not a crisis that you deal with as it comes; it is a process of maintaining trust with your customers — potential and regular. When rightly used, it can generate great profit for your business.

What is Online Reputation Marketing?

In the 21st century the technology is a bane as well as a boon. The generation of today does not buy anything without reading everything about it. This means that the advertisement through the word-of-mouth is not applicable locally but nationally as well as internationally. Thus, it is necessary for the business owners to have a strong online presence to help them create a brand and get maximum sales. Reputation Mangement In the online world, the word of mouth gets done through the reviews that are left on Google, Yelp and other platforms. A lot of bad reviews on these platforms might decrease your customers significantly and good reviews can increase them. Before you think that I have got no time for it, think of this – investing your time in your business to increase the sales and profits.

Here are three tips by our experts to help you create a base:

Monitor the famous review platforms

While there are unlimited number of platforms where the reviews are placed. The two most famous and common are : Google and Yelp. You don’t have to look for each and every comment ever posted but check the most recent one and reply. Thank the good and the bad reviewer for taking out the time to review your business. Focus on the bad reviewer. Ask them what went wrong and you can better your service. Remember, tell them that you are sorry that they had a bad experience.

This will show to your customers that you are open to their criticism and will make an effort to improve the service.

Embrace the reviews

Next tip by our expert is not to get upset or angry. Embrace them. Be open to the fact that the people will review your business. To get more reviews and build a base, you can email your existing clients and customers to review. Do NOT entice or force them for a positive review. This will do you more bad than good. You can also opt to create a page of your business on facebook and ask the customers to review you there.

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Search engine optimization services are aimed at creating a high ranking for your website among the popular search engines. There are many SEO services in New York region. And choosing the qualified experts for the SEO of your website is essential as the wrong firm can lead to the violation of the Google regulations.

Seo Services in New York

Following are some of the characteristics that should be present in the SEO firm which you want to hire to improve the Google ranking:

Comprehensive Set Of SEO Services:

The SEO firm should offer you complete package of services including content writing, keyword research, social media marketing, and link building so that you can have the best services from the signal provider. The benefit of this is that you can have high quality services with variety of SEO features with just one firm. Otherwise you would have to hire different providers for different services.


The previous clients can tell you the best about the services that the firm provides. Best way to get an insight into the work of the company is to look for the reviews on the company website and other review portals. The testimonials of the previous clients also go a long way in establishing the credibility, customer satisfaction and the professionalism of the SEO firm.

Personalized Solutions:

The SEO firm should charge you for the solutions that are required by you. Some SEO companies offers a package deal, which takes the choice of the customer. A good SEO company would offer myriad of options to the customers depending on their budget and the needs of their business.

Customer Satisfaction:

The SEO company would provide the services that can grant good results in the designated time and provide full customer satisfaction. The quality and the pricing policies of the SEO company should be good and flexible.


The company should have decent experience in the SEO department. The company would be able to handle the complex tasks and efficiently attain the desired results in a professional way. It is important to get experts in this field as they would be able to overcome the difficulties that might arise during your SEO campaign.

Detailed Tasks:

The major tasks of the SEO campaign are providing the suggestions for the use of Javascript and reviewing the website for its content and its web structure, creating content using the SEO, keyword creation, link building, online marketing campaigns and controlling the negative aspects of your brand including reviews, rating, social media and blogs.


The SEO services would also monitor the competitors that are working in the same industry in the same geographical area of your business. The SEO services monitor whether the competitors are using the ethical services or not. And if the competitors are using black hat techniques, they submit the report sites about the violations that are being broken.

That can consequently lead to the penalization or removal of the websites altogether. A good SEO firm would always keep the track of the techniques used by the competitors in check and report when needed. That way, the ranking of your website would be improved as well.

Statistical Reports:

The way to check whether the SEO campaign is going well or not, is getting the reports of the progress in the regular intervals. If the outcome is not going well, that would indicate that the techniques utilized by the SEO firm needs to be changed.

This also lets you know the rate at which the progress is being made. The tracking and the reporting process is prudent for knowing whether or not, the ROI is going to improve or go down and what are the ways you can improve it.

Online reviews are increasingly playing a pivotal role in making or breaking a business’s online reputation. Statistics clearly show that an overwhelming majority of people rely heavily on online reviews of a business while deciding whether to buy a product or a service. According to credible reports, nearly 90% of the people surveyed admitted that reviews posted by previous consumers have a huge impact on their decision to choose a business or a brand. Online reviews are the modern day equivalents of word of mouth recommendations. And they are just as potent, perhaps even more so. How Online Reviews Impact your business The significance of these reviews presents a wonderful opportunity for businesses. If handled properly and proactively, customer reviews can become an invaluable asset to your business. Let’s see how.

How to harness the power of Online Reviews

It hardly need be stated that a good review of your business will surely have a positive impact on the success of your business. A review like that is the sort of promotion that money can’t buy.  What often throws business owners in a tailspin is how to handle Negative reviews. With the right response, it is possible to turn a negative review into a positive reflection of your business. This is achieved by responding politely and sincerely to the aggrieved customer and addressing their complaints or concerns in a professional manner. Research reveals that businesses that respond to negative reviews and offer to address the problem and make amends are regarded very highly by other customers. Such response shows your customers, both current and future, that you are genuinely concerned about customer satisfaction and are not merely paying lip service to the notion. Through the right response, online reviews can become amazing tools of promotion for your business. Let’s go over the guidelines that will help you deliver the ‘proper response’.  

The Dos and Don’ts of Responding to Negative Reviews

Respond Calmly and Professionally When responding to a negative review it is essential that you keep your tone and language cordial and professional. If you are angry about the incident in question, then it’s best to hold off till cooler heads prevail. A sarcastic or angry response to a negative review can prove catastrophic for your online reputation. Check if a mistake was made and accept it Did you or your staff make a mistake? If the answer is yes, then it’s best to outright accept your mistake rather than make excuses. Acceptance of your mistake reflects your sincerity towards your customers. Offer to make things right and follow through on your promise. Make appropriate amends The best way to placate an aggrieved customer is to offer them some incentive along with a promise of better service in the future. For example if someone has made a genuine complaint about getting very poor service at your restaurants, offer them free dessert of choice on their next visit or better yet a dinner on the house. Such incentives will vary from business to business and case to case but across the board, discounts and freebies work like a charm. Shift to a Private Mode of Communication After the initial response, divert the conversation to a more private mode of communication such as email or a phone call. The object here is to take the ensuing conversation away from the public eye while ensuring that your offer to address the complaint is visible to the public. Use reviews to improve your business Online reviews can become a very good source of suggestions for business development. Once a mistake or error in your ways is pointed out to you, make sure to permanently remove it so it does not reoccur. This way negative reviews can actually help you make lasting improvements to your business. So, the next time a customer posts a negative review about your business, these tips will come in very handy in tackling that problem.
For a long time, Online Reputation Management (ORM) and Search Engine Optimization were considered as two different methods of Digital Marketing. Even till date, not many know that these two terms are highly interconnected. While ORM is the strategy to fight misinformation about a businesses or someone important in the business, SEO is the very popular way to get more traffic on a website by improving its visibility in the SERPs. What is the Relationship between SEO and reputation management An effective SEO strategy is the key feature to good reputation management. If applied in an effective way, it enhances the output of a reputation management strategy and gives brilliant results. If you start exploring your ORM campaign from the SEO perspective, things will look simpler to you. For instance, the primary term of your reputation management campaign is the keyword for which you need better rankings for the content (it could be your official website, your social media profiles, etc.) that correctly informs your audience about your business. How To Get Excellent ORM Results Through SEO?
  • Post positive content- Social networking sites such as twitter and Facebook are very powerful tools and carry a lot of SEO power. Fuel these channels with frequent updates that share right information about what you do, how your company is better than your competitors.
  • Drafting a dedicated content marketing campaign for ORM also does wonders.
  • Monitoring people’s opinion- Keep a track of all the comments, views and opinions of your audience about you brand. It will give you great ideas about how your brand is perceived and accordingly you can improve in that particular area that is targeted most by the people.
  • Optimize your official website- There is no way you can always stay at the top of all the misinformation about your business, unless you have a well-optimized site. Make sure it has relevant Meta tags, and other SEO elements.
Let’s acknowledge the most essential fact about doing business- You Cannot Keep Everyone Happy! There is another fact that follows- Since you cannot keep everyone happy, you should always be ready for criticism (genuine or fake, both)! Smart business owners are always watchful for their reputation and are very spontaneous whenever there is any false claim about them or their business. That’s the way to do! However, if you are not that proactive, you may have to welcome some incorrect and damaging stories about your business. Plus, studies say that about 87% of sales are driven because of good online repute of a brand, so you need to do it anyways! Losing customers Maybe Your Reputation Needs a Makeover
Did you ever wonder why Online Reputation Management (ORM) is important for your business? Do you know how your social media profiles affect your business? Who gets influenced by your business’ Online Reputation? Scroll down for answers for these questions!   Reputation Management Infographic
The defender of your brand’s online stature, ORM allows you to listen to and pick-up customers’ views about the business, its products, and services. For example, if you are a retailer, by monitoring your reputation online, you may find out that people are discussing price comparisons and using physical stores for only window shopping, eventually making final purchase on the internet. Reputation Management services New YorkHaving this type of insight about latest online discussions, you may realize that to secure a competitive edge, it is time to look for ecommerce options. Having someone monitor latest trends and issues online will enable you to expand business by knowing what the most sought-after needs are in your particular niche. Online reputation management will let you monitor what the major platforms are, where most of the discussion regarding your brand is going on. This will enable you in opening up opportunities where you can start off engaging conversations with your customers. For example you may discover and find out that people are sharing more content which is in the form of images and videos on those platforms where you are not yet active. You can then work on visual content and change the route of your online marketing strategy. A business might never come to know about visually-oriented communities, if it wasn’t for the ORM.
Maintaining reputation is of core importance in highly competitive business environment. Good reputation is essential for companies trying to develop web presence, and want to do their maximum business online.  An effective SEO campaign will only take your business website on the top, but higher rankings are of no use, if a company is unable to stand good in eyes of public. Why reputation is so crucial? Good reputation creates a feeling of trust among customers. It is useless, if a company is spending sums of money on advertising and SEO techniques but is not caring about satisfying its clientele with high quality services. Solid reputation along with higher rankings in search indexes of popular search engines help in winning trust of customers, simultaneously increasing sales and revenue of a company. Creating a good online reputation!Online Reputation Management For many companies, maintaining good reputation in online environment seems to be a daunting task but in reality, it is as easy as providing high quality services to clients. Make use of fair and authentic practices to run your businesses, surely such activities will make your company stand unique in the crowd. Repairing bad reputation! Companies dealing with bad reputation should take into consideration factors, which are spoiling their image in market. Take into account feedback provided by customers and work accordingly to improve your brand reputation and image.
Businesses around the world have made Internet their first source for providing information about their products and services to the customers. Moreover, people before buying anything search online for businesses that deal in similar kinds of products that they want. Due to increased usage of Internet, it is a must for businesses to maintain good reputation on the web to drive traffic towards their online business. There are certain strategies that businesses should implement to stay good in the eyes of public. 1. Create presence on social networks The users search online for any business to get factual information associated with it. You must put substantial amount of information on the web to satisfy online customers looking for your services. The most popular social networks are Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Create your business profiles on these mediums to interact with potential customers. 2. Monitor your reputation consistently Due to tough competition, other businesses may post negative content relating it to your brand. Prepare well to face such situations and take immediate steps to hide such information. Keep track of the activities performed in favor as well as against your company. 3. Promote positive content Create a proactive strategy, and make regular blog posts and other updates to capture attention of the online buyers.
It takes very long time for establishing a positive image in front of the public but it hardly takes a few seconds to destroy image on the web by posting a negative feedback. Discuss below are the three categories of reputation management that a reputation management company uses to keep their client’s business good in the eyes of public. 1. Building This type of reputation management is for the businesses that are new in the highly competitive environment. It involves maintaining good reputation in the market in order to earn profits. 2. Maintenance For any brand or company, having good reputation in the market is not enough instead; it is of core importance to maintain it by adopting a favorable way. 3. Recovery This type of reputation management services works the best for companies who have certain negative feedbacks or do not possess good reputation in the market. The companies offering such services implement certain authentic techniques to hide the negative feedbacks. Some of the techniques used by the companies to improve the brand image include: 1. Blogging- Posting blogs on regular basis. 2. Directory listings- Listing of the website in the reputed directories. 3. Social Networking- Posting pages on Facebook and other social networking websites.