Since its conception, the internet has changed lives of people all around the globe. Not only it has connected people, but it has given small businesses and startups a chance to grow. Before the internet, startups often took a long time to grow. The main reason was money and marketing. Due to limited money, they had to rely on the local marketing. However, the internet changed everything.

SEO services

A new business or startup requires conversions for their new websites. SEO or search engine optimization aims at increasing the ranking of a particular web page. The web page can be a landing page, about us or the full website. The goal is to optimize the website in such a way that when a relevant search term is entered, your business features highest on the list. SEO services create a perfect balance between the website functionality and design. The target audience’s behavior is researched and the plan is created according to it. The customized and unique approach to each and every website makes these services considerable part of the internet.


Benefits of SEO services

A new business requires visitors especially if it is internet-based. SEO services optimize the website on the basis of geography, content, business goals and the keywords. The benefit of these services remains for a long time. The digital marketing enhances the website ranking and brings in more leads and conversions.

  • Connect with audience Once the website is optimized, your website will start showing up when people make the relevant searches. Potential customers will visit the website. This lead will turn into a customer when they call you directly or ask for a quote. The SEO services can work in all industry niches and help you get your desired audience. Couple the website optimization with social media platforms, you can build a loyal fan following with regular digital marketing.

  • Cost-effective At Soft System Solutions, we offer SEO services in New York at cost-effective packages. Even a new business or a startup can afford the prices and benefit from the services. The services often come as a full-fledged SEO package, however, you can select particular service you need. A full package of SEO includes robots.txt, webmaster settings, Google Analytics account setup and even social media integration.

  • Diversified approach To get new customers or get more leads and conversions, it is necessary to create a diversified approach. While every business has targeted audience, to create new leads various approaches need to employes. Posting regular content out on the blog, optimizing the website according to the search engine needs and targeting the traffic for instant revenue and subscriptions.

With SEO services in New York, it becomes easier to achieve the goals. The services give a much-needed boost to the new websites. Contact us to know more about our SEO services.

Search engine optimization services are aimed at creating a high ranking for your website among the popular search engines. There are many SEO services in New York region. And choosing the qualified experts for the SEO of your website is essential as the wrong firm can lead to the violation of the Google regulations.

Seo Services in New York

Following are some of the characteristics that should be present in the SEO firm which you want to hire to improve the Google ranking:

Comprehensive Set Of SEO Services:

The SEO firm should offer you complete package of services including content writing, keyword research, social media marketing, and link building so that you can have the best services from the signal provider. The benefit of this is that you can have high quality services with variety of SEO features with just one firm. Otherwise you would have to hire different providers for different services.


The previous clients can tell you the best about the services that the firm provides. Best way to get an insight into the work of the company is to look for the reviews on the company website and other review portals. The testimonials of the previous clients also go a long way in establishing the credibility, customer satisfaction and the professionalism of the SEO firm.

Personalized Solutions:

The SEO firm should charge you for the solutions that are required by you. Some SEO companies offers a package deal, which takes the choice of the customer. A good SEO company would offer myriad of options to the customers depending on their budget and the needs of their business.

Customer Satisfaction:

The SEO company would provide the services that can grant good results in the designated time and provide full customer satisfaction. The quality and the pricing policies of the SEO company should be good and flexible.


The company should have decent experience in the SEO department. The company would be able to handle the complex tasks and efficiently attain the desired results in a professional way. It is important to get experts in this field as they would be able to overcome the difficulties that might arise during your SEO campaign.

Detailed Tasks:

The major tasks of the SEO campaign are providing the suggestions for the use of Javascript and reviewing the website for its content and its web structure, creating content using the SEO, keyword creation, link building, online marketing campaigns and controlling the negative aspects of your brand including reviews, rating, social media and blogs.


The SEO services would also monitor the competitors that are working in the same industry in the same geographical area of your business. The SEO services monitor whether the competitors are using the ethical services or not. And if the competitors are using black hat techniques, they submit the report sites about the violations that are being broken.

That can consequently lead to the penalization or removal of the websites altogether. A good SEO firm would always keep the track of the techniques used by the competitors in check and report when needed. That way, the ranking of your website would be improved as well.

Statistical Reports:

The way to check whether the SEO campaign is going well or not, is getting the reports of the progress in the regular intervals. If the outcome is not going well, that would indicate that the techniques utilized by the SEO firm needs to be changed.

This also lets you know the rate at which the progress is being made. The tracking and the reporting process is prudent for knowing whether or not, the ROI is going to improve or go down and what are the ways you can improve it.

SEO Tips To Stay Ahead Of Your Competition

SEO is an internet marketing strategy, focussed on increasing the site visibility in organic search engine results. Using proper SEO techniques helps in driving traffic from organic sources to increase the ranking search engine result pages (SERPs)

There are several elements included in SEO like technical aspects that are essential to improve rankings, drive traffic and bring awareness in search engine results. SEO ensures that your business site is well planned.

If your site follows proper SEO strategies, it will  help to build your site in a good way as search engine rankings keep on changing from time to time.  Regularly posting of quality content will help to drive a good traffic to your pages.

SEO includes building search engine friendly website and making it better for people.

Search engines need assistance and will not be able to figure out your site without SEO. The right techniques will bring increased attention to your site.

SEO helps to boost rankings and your content will be visible to search engines through search engine optimization, searchers can find the content easily. There has been a lot of competition on the internet and the companies which are an expert in SEO.

 Here are 10 advanced SEO techniques for onpage and offpage optimization, that the best SEO companies in New York are using in the right way to increase visitor numbers, search traffic and conversion rate.

Keep a check on your site framework

This technique will help you discover the reason behind of not getting enough sales and traffic. If you keep a check on your site framework in a proper way and systematic examination it will help in making smart decisions. This will attract and retain customers.

Forum Submission

Does your site participates in search forums? Find a suitable forum for your business and try to make a connection with that community by participating in it. Give a response to threads, answer the questions and give suggestions.

 Make a strong presence in social media

Do not miss out the social media. The first website newbie’s are Facebook and other social media accounts. Everyone has social media accounts and it really would be unwise to not strive to be a part of that. The user can be tempted to click on the single post showing up on someone’s timeline. They also further click, share, comment, re-post etc.

Optimized landing pages

Are you looking for increased lead generation and sales? A properly executed landing page will bring potential customers. This will also help to bring more gateways available for search traffic. All the B2B companies should know the importance of landing page.

Mobile friendly and responsive website

If your business has a mobile friendly website you are surely going to five times more growth rate. Mobile users are increasing day by day and this will target them and increase traffic.

Video Submission

Make your videos popular and make a way to popular submission sites. Your video should have proper title, tags and reference links. If you want to have quality backlinks, video submission is one of the most popular way as all video submission sites have high PR.

 Heading Tags

Heading tags like h2, h3 are used to highlight several headings and subheadings. But take care that you do not repeat the tags, this will bring a negative impression.


Creative infographics are the ones which are getting popular on the internet. On popular infographic submission post your creative infographic and give reference links to your webpage or blog.

Switch your website to https

Trust the internet for privacy and do not miss on the important activities. If your website has http extension change it to https and secure your details.  In case of online cash transactions, the process will remain safe through https.

 Content Interlinking

For driving more traffic link out to related blog posts on your blog. By doing this method, you will keep your blog readers engaged in your blogs. But do not overdo it. Make use of keyword rich text to rank good on Google.

Share documents

Post some attractive and useful documents related your business or blog with unique content. Keep the usable format for your documents like pdf or ppt.  The documents should have unique content and should be in either pdf or ppt formats.

The advanced SEO techniques and strategies will improve the functionality and quality of a large number of websites.

Google changes it’s algorithm numerous times, so marketers have to find out what is right and what is wrong. Everyone needs to be at the forefront for the industry and ensure that everything they implement for the industry is safe and effective.
SEO Data Points To Consider When Designing A WebsiteIf you’re an Search engine optimization expert or digital marketer in NYC, you know exactly data point means. You are surrounded by a sea of data – numbers, line graphs, bar graphs, Venn diagrams, analysis, analytics and combination of metrics. Search engines are strange in way how they make progress in the web and understand the content. The web page does not has the same appearance as it is to search engine and to you and me. There are some specific technical aspects of modifying web pages so they are structured for both search engines and human visitors similarly.
  • Domain Authority

It is one of the most reliable numbers for determining the success of website in SERPs. A higher domain authority translates into larger traffic and better ranking.

  • Site Speed

The speed of the website is determined by how fast it appears in a user’s browser. Technically, site speed is dependent on load time. The network server time and browser time are considered along with the page size and requests.

  • Back links

A backlink is a link to your site from an external site. There are an infinite number of ways you can slice, dice, analyze, interpret this data, but the simple metric is the number of backlinks. Backlinks are the most critical component of a website’s health and wellbeing. Without which you have no search engine optimization, no traffic, and very little digital marketing success.

  • Number of Indexed Pages

Indexed page is the count of your website’s content. The number of indexed pages is a tally of how many pages the searches engines have crawled. The more content you write, more indexed pages you will have.

If you follow these points it will happen to take appropriate and decisive action to correct any shortcomings.

Web solution companies

While mending damages some tools come in handy. Web development and web designing is gaining immense popularity nowadays. It can entail lots of work in maintaining a site and it may require time. Fortunately, there are companies which can support you in this effort, in providing web solutions for your own website.

In NYC, many reputed companies can be a source of web solutions for you, especially for the maintenance of your website. Web solution companies help different firms in making their presence felt on the World Wide Web. They do so with a number of techniques like web designing, web development.

The professionals are given the charge of designing the company’s website, as well as its constant maintenance. They can be in charge of the constant updates that you have to do to keep your customers and audience up-to-date.

Some Modern Website Design Elements and Trends

Web design is moving toward modular design that often involves designing how the search function will work, how the navigation will be laid out, etc.

  • Unique and Large Typography

In recent times, designers have acquired a large selection of fonts to choose from, making it easier for companies to express their services and brands more accurately through topography.  The unique font style makes the website to stand out from the rest.

  • Large & Responsive Hero Images

Large hero images used in the background with text and other content overlaid on top like Uber’s website. Regardless of the approach you make use of, it is visually easy approach to convey through images the story behind your websites without having to rely on just text.

  • Flat Design Trend

Flat design was quickly adopted by designers to end the concept of skeuomorphism very quickly. The biggest advantage of using flat design forces designers to emphasis more on the content and picking the trendy colors to help users find the way through designs.

  • Background Videos

Some websites also have videos that play in the background that can add a lot to a page. These videos can be used to tell a story and significantly reduce the amount of other written content used to explain your business.

Improve Your Business’ Search Engine Optimization to Attract Potential New Customers

Search engine optimization includes good code and good website standards and continues with management of your online presence. The core of website building is having good coding standards. Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager can be used to connect your websites. This will let you have knowledge of users and who is using your website. The number of visitors you may be getting and how often they return to your website.

To understand the SEO health of your websites and improve Google deems, you need to achieve scores and speeds by following these features:

•   Optimizing the delivery of your code

•   Using content delivery networks for distributing to various networks to speed up request and download times

•    Using cache plugin and mechanisms to speed up response time

•    Server level and user level image optimization so that the content is optimized for the web

•    Use a good web host that has a good fast response time when loading a website

Apart from having a good website design and SEO management, you need to have a good reputation management strategy for your firm.

Let’s have a look at some of the common methods followed by the reputation management firms to eliminate the negative image of a brand or an individual.

•    Publishing optimistic and original web content through social media profiles and websites to hit harmful search engine results.

•    Publishing press releases to support the brand and annul discouraging search results.

•    Maintaining search engine optimization

•    Talk about the company in various reputed third party platforms.

•    Multiple blogs by different sources

Reputation Is the Secret Ingredient to Success

When you have many competitors in the market who are spending money on the same advertising and marketing tactics, what establishes your brand then is the reputation and it brings revenue growth.

Interestingly, the foundation for understanding reputation is now global, with online review sites, blogs, and social media making it easier for customers to understand the brands and the related products.

Encouraging Positive Reviews

In the service industry, such as restaurants, the customers are asked for feedback immediately. Many people are happy to share their positive feedback on their social media profiles after a pleasant experience.

For online business, surveys and feedback forms are useful to record reviews for potential customers.. For the proper progressive growth of businesses, you need to have a strong summarize mechanism that ensures every customer provides feedback, whether positive or negative.

Thus, in today’s competitive market it has become important to stay ahead of the curve by reading guides on upcoming trends of web solutions in the coming year. You need to approach companies which follow these trends and make use of it in their work.  Soft System Solution helps you in creating experiences for your customers who will actually add value and ensure positive reputation going forward.

Search Engine Optimization NYC

Over the years, Search engine optimization is become really good at understanding keyword meaning and separating the marketing strategy to serve the purpose.  To create new creative ways of gathering the audience, the search engine optimization companies in NYC have started to merge more traditional concepts in SEO. This has resulted in general progression of SEO as a discipline. To help maximize the value and visibility online, the best approach is to start with strategic content and apply SEO practices.

You can consider implementing any of the following techniques into your startups marketing plan so that you do not need to dismiss the tremendous potentials involved with SEO.

Focus on Content Creation

If your company’s website has good running blogs on which the updates regarding the post products, industry news reaction and other personal interests are present, it will be lead to better optimization.  Publishing content to your site increases the number of different keywords present on your site. By improving keyword exposure, your website can earn free SEO traffic through natural search phrases that was not targeted ever on your site.

Create compelling Meta descriptions

The Meta descriptions are important to be present along with your title tags on the section of every page on your website. These brief page summaries should not be more than 150-160 characters long. The Meta description should include at least one point out of your page’s target keyword phrase. While Meta descriptions presence in the scraps found on search engine results pages is important for click-through rate. Your Meta descriptions should capture search users’ attention that will increase the number of visitors who choose to click on your listings.

Commit to Social Networking

For many startup entrepreneurs, getting involved in social networking sites will be like another task. To increase SERPSs rankings, link shares and brand mention on social network status should be updated as approved by sites like Google and Bing. Thus for the SEO of your startup it is vital to maintain presence on these sites. You can make it a priority to devote few minutes to post on social networking sites and interact with the people who follow your company’s profiles on these sites.

Build internal links between pages

Another method to gain more traffic for your website is to create internal links to connect your different piece of information. You can consider adding text links to ‘contact’ or ‘about us’ page on your home page. This will help your visitors find the information they’re looking for and providing a major SEO boost to your site’s content.

Utilize keyword-rich headings

When it comes to your page’s’ body text, one thing to do to improve your overall SEO value is to include heading tags containing your target keywords. Search engines place add weight on the words found in these particular tags. They also provide visual relief to your website’s readers that will help them to move more efficiently through your site’s content.

Make SEO-friendly URLs

Your URLs and file names should contain keywords such as Don’t overexert it. A file with 3+ hyphens tends to look doubtful and users may be hesitant to click on it. Prefer to use hyphens in URLs instead of underscores as hyphens are treated as space.

Optimize your title tags

Every page should have its own unique title tag. Every page on your website should have its own exclusive title tag. From an SEO viewpoint, a good title tag should:

•    Not be more than 70 characters.

•    Include product and service-related keywords

•    Include your company’s brand name

•    Title should be intriguing

•    Be informative enough to prompt search engine users to click through to your page.

Install Google Analytics

If you have added a new sign up form to your startup’s website, you will have to be sure that it is effective. To collect the data needed to do this effectively, install a program like Google Analytics. It provides incredible information for your website’s conversion rates.

Invest in Link Building Campaigns

After you have maintained the keyword phrase content for your website, the next step is the process of getting other websites to point links to your content. The number and relevance of the links will act as quality signals in the search engine ranking algorithms.

Launch Press Releases

The use of press release is a technique that is helpful for all startups entrepreneurs. Whenever your company has something newsworthy to report, promote a press release through a distribution service like PRWeb. Thus the sites that will ultimately show your press release will help in increasing the traffic and backlinks.

Search engine optimization will continuously improve your website’s ability to make it a brand more visible and create a better experience for users. SEO should be a part of a website for its lifetime to make it better and impactful.

Advanced SEO

There are many users who start writing a blog or build a business website without having any idea about the SEO for the same. It becomes difficult to promote the website on the search engine results without proper SEO in play.

The On Page SEO can be improved significantly and make a huge different to your website’s ranking. When the SEO is combined with excellent content, this combo creates a master stroke for improvement of site traffic. Here are some outstanding techniques that are catching up pace in places like NYC for an improved search engine optimization experience.


The page titles are or prime importance for SEO of the website. Every page created and each post published should have a specific and unique title that defines it clearly and doesn’t create any confusion in the mind of the viewer.

For example: While writing a post about limos it is important to include limousine, limo service etc. in the keywords. You can also include city name if creating page for a specific location.

This allows the users to reach your page with a variety of combination word search.

URL Composition:

The URL’s should not be complicated ones and must have an approach which is search engine friendly. It is recommended today to have shorter URLs as they can yield better results on the search engines. The length if the URL is not the only factor to consider, there are other factors like the keyword composition that can affect the search results  and having them in the URL can be a game changer in SEO.

Clearly, if you have a link like is bound to perform better than a complex URL like

Meta Descriptions:

Emitting the use of meta descriptions is not a wise move for any website admin. The meta descriptions are an integral part of SEO and including them in the content will help in promoting positive results on the pages where the keywords are listed. For example if you are publishing a story about diamond jewellery the including descriptions like ‘jewellery built to last by excellents craftsman’ can help in getting the desired keywords lined properly.

Meta Tags:

A set of desired keywords can be clubbed together to create meta tags for each of the existing pages. But remember one thing that these keywords should be relevant with the content and have to be well researched beforehand. There are various plugins in platforms like WordPress that can help you to create meta tags, descriptions based on the page titles and they convert the information automatically in the HTML format to reduce your work.

Body Tags:

A sound content strategy always says that the content should be broken into small sections and the paragraphs should not be very lengthy to allow easy reading. These paragraphs can also be denoted in points and that is where tags like H1, H2, H3 etc. come into play. While the H1 tags are used with title on the main page, H2 and H3 can be used with subheadings along the whole post.

Titles that are rich in keywords are better than the general titles. So if you are including the tags in your post then it is better to have a keyword rich approach towards content.


One of the most engaging way to publish content is by using it with images. Not only does it make the website more appealing but it also increases the span of attention with which the users read your content. Images are a great way to improve the website’s overall SEO; they can have titles and relevant keywords can be associated with them to boost the post in search results.

Keyword Density:

It is a good idea to have the keywords in the content, but at times people over do and stuff their content with keywords. This brings them on the radar for sources like Google Panda and Penguin and reduces the page ranking for publishing poor quality content of keyword spamming. Thus, knowing the right keyword density is of prime importance. The number of times the keywords should appear is a subject to the length of the content. It is advised to have 2-5% keyword density for the best results.

Internal Links:

While many may say that links from other websites are best, they often ignore the importance of internal linking as well. Internal links are a big asset when it comes to creating links for SEO and can divert traffic to your website in a very result oriented manner. This also improves your site’s ranking and helps it improve the pagerank while climbing the search results.

These are some of the most notable and advanced techniques being implemented in On Page SEO. Hiring a professional company for the purpose is a great option instead of creating a wrong strategy during hit and trial method. Get in touch with an expert today and make the most out of your SEO experience.

So you have optimized your website to conform to the best SEO practices. The titles and descriptions are hitting the sweet spot in character limits and the H1 tags, image files and text, all include relevant keyword phrases. The content creation has been streamlined and relevant and informative content in your vertical is consistently being published on and around your website. After Optimization What next These efforts should have catapulted you to respectable rankings on the SERP’s. But at this stage, it’s common for SE optimizers to feel a vacuum of new ideas as to what more can be or should be done. In order to further advance in the battle for supremacy on SERP’s you will have to engage a host of new tactics and strategies. In this article we offer some methods that’ll help you rise higher on the success graph and gain even more visibility and popularity in your niche. Target New and Varied Keywords Once you have optimized your website for the keywords that directly pertain to your niche, it’s time to expand the scope of your keyword research by including new and varied keywords. This process will involve a lot of intuitive understanding of user behavior and how the average searcher reaches from point A to C on the web. But the rewards of targeting an ever expanding range of keywords that hold varying degrees of relevance with your vertical can be great and worth every bead of sweat you invest in it! Focus on Conversion In the race to reach the top, it’s easy to forget that the ultimate of aim of all your SEO efforts is not just to bring more and more visitors to your website but to get them to do or buy what you want them to. Conversion. That should be the eventual goal. If optimization has raised your site’s ranking on search engines, then it’s time to start strategizing how to convert all the new traffic into paying customers. Structure your On-page content and design to provide maximum motivation to your visitors to follow your call-to-action. Harness the Power of Video One of the most underused resources by business and corporate websites to reach their audience is the video format. A high quality video that delivers your message along with useful information or engaging entertainment can have tremendous effect on your online visibility and popularity. Based on the number of monthly searches, YouTube itself is the second largest search engine in the world. Create a video that would appeal to your target audience and publish it on YouTube. And why stop there? If you have invested time and money to create engaging videos, post them on Vimeo, Dailymotion, YahooScreen.  Each of them boasts hundreds of millions of unique daily visitors. Video content is easy to watch, easy to share and it’s the most powerful medium to reach generation Y. Google Isn’t the Only Answer Google is a behemoth. But it’s not the only place where you can engage your potential visitors. If you are selling products designed to appeal aesthetically, like artistic furniture or custom jewelry, then Pinterest is a great platform to promote your products. If you provide B2B services to major corporate clients then Linkedin and many similar business community sites would be the places you should focus on. The point is – be where your potential customers are likely to be. Fish where the fish are! Local Search Matters With Google’s changing format Local search is becoming more and more relevant for small local businesses. If you search Google for plumbing services, then instead of some highly ranked plumber’s website, Google will provide listings of plumbing providers in your locality. These listing are ranked on the basis of user reviews among other things. So for small local businesses that exclusively rely on local customers, it makes absolute sense to focus on web portals that provide such listings. Yelp and Yellowpages are great places where you can direct your energy and resources to improve your local standing. Target International Consumer Base If you are in the business of selling eBooks, or eServices or products which can easily be shipped overseas, then including foreign traffic in your optimization can open vast potential markets to you. Find out where else in the world people would be willing to pay for your services or products and focus on becoming visible in those markets whether they exist in Eastern Europe or South East Asia. Adopt a proactive Approach to Lead Acquisition If you are an expert in your niche or possess intricate knowledge about the products, share it with the world. Reach out. Instead of simply relying on traffic that Search Engines will bring in, adopt a proactive approach. Publish guest posts; participate in seminars, webinars, anything and everything that gets the word out that you are an authority in your niche. These efforts will draw potential customers, who are looking for your products or services, directly to you.   SEO, day by day is becoming a more and more dynamic process, where single lane strategies will find it very hard to succeed. To gain an edge in the competitive market it’s become imperative to go in all guns blazing and keep up the barrage until you succeed. Hope these suggestions help. Happy Shooting!
Is your brand missing out on the visibility in search results? If yes, then you need to revise your marketing strategy! An effective marketing strategy comprise of keyword research. It needs to be used appropriately for optimizing the website for search. In this post, you will come to know the best ways of using keywords in your online marketing campaign- Effective ways of using keywords in your marketing strategy Webpage Optimization For optimizing each page for search, keywords are to insert in the following pages-
  • Title tag of the page
  • Meta description for page
  • Image filename and ALT text
  • First paragraph of the page
Content Topic Development As the saying goes ‘Content is the king in marketing strategy’, unique and relevant content is must to post. Posting of blogs, podcasts, videos, etc. brings more visibility in search. However, creating content based on phrases searched by visitors is the question here. There are two ways for posting content-
  1. Create content according to business product or service and then find relevant keyword phrases that fits best.
  2. Research keywords according to business product or service, use those as topics, and create great content.
Overall, keyword placement through content strategy will drive organic search traffic to website. Social Media Profile Optimization After having defined keyword phrase, optimize social profiles and pages. This increases visibility amongst visitors that are using social networks. Optimization of keyword phrases in following profiles and pages-
  • Insert keyword phrase in the bio of Twitter profile
  • Add keyword in “Category,” “Short Description,” and “Long Description of FB
  • Add keyword in Pinterest profiles “About You” box
  • Add in bio of Instagram profiles
  • Insert keyword in professional headline, current job title, summary, skills, and other applicable sections of LinkedIn profile
  • In Google+ profiles, add keyword in personal information that is introduction, skills and more
Caution- Overstuffing of keyword in social profiles is a big no. Overdoing can bring you in the list of spammers. Social Media Update Optimization Inserting keyword in social media updates will bring brands visibility in search results of social networks and potentially even on Google. Guest Post Opportunity Discovery Guest posting with high-quality content provides good exposure in search results and amongst targeted audience. Directory Listing Discovery Gone are the days, when directory link-building strategy used to get as many links as possible. But now, directory with targeted keyword that ranks on the top search result is considered for website optimization. Email Subject Line Optimization Email optimization is another marketing technique. In this, incorporate keyword in the email subject line that makes email appears at the top of the results, when searched by user. UTM Parameter Tracking To know website traffic, UTM parameters are used to track the links coming on website. UTM_term can also be used to track keyword usage. Offline Marketing Besides online marketing, offline marketing is also a great source of increasing brands visibility amongst audience. Wondering, how? Here is answer to your question-
  • Use keyword in business card
  • Use phrases in brochures or flyers
  • Use phrases in vehicle sign or wrap
Note– Offline marketing will help spread your business message amongst audience without them having to go to your website. ConclusionRestrict use of keywords in traditional form of SEO marketing campaign strategies. Think big!
With dramatic dips in the website performance because of old SEO marketing techniques, search engine optimizers have come up with new strategies considering the variety of performance indicators such as page-rank, traffic, ranking keywords and many more. Rebranding or domain migration is an attempt made to improve the ranking of website on SERP. Domain Migration Steps to improve ranking of website on SERP by rebranding or domain migration factor-
  1. Redirects- Transferring of old domain to new one is done by redirects step. Wide range of redirects is available amongst which 301 is best. The web page is relocated permanently to another page that also transfers ranking factor or link juice to the new page. Tools like Xenu Link Sleuth, Screaming Frog, and Integrity for Mac are used for redirecting the page to another site.
  2. Resubmit sitemap- With implementation of redirects step, next step is resubmitting of sitemap. It is done by making changes in Google and Bing Webmaster Tools. This makes crawlers update about the changes being made regarding the sitemap of a business.
  3. Directory listings- Amongst all SEO tactics, it is considered the best practice that helps visitors and search engines to find a website or domain. FourSquare, InfoGroup, Localeze,, City Search, and DMOZ are few directory listings use to update new address of a domain.
  4. Social media- SEO and SMO goes hand in hand. These two play a crucial role in website ranking. While Google will take time to index the new site, by this medium publicizing of the domain change is done that helps obtain organic traffic on new domain. In addition, with announcement of new domain by social media posts, it is also important to redirect social media links available on the old domain. Social media profiles that is used to publicize change in domain name includes Twitter, Facebook and Google +, but don’t neglect LinkedIn, Instagram, Blogger, YouTube.
  5. Analytics and Search Console Profiles- After the relocation of domain, tracking of traffic on specific domain from the relocated date is done. It is performed by providing annotation to Google Analytics and updating the settings in Google Search Console.
  6. Audit redirects- With completion of the aforementioned steps, it is important to examine the old and new domain. For verifying this, audit redirects function is performed by using the Screaming Frog web spider tool.