The last decade has seen an exponential rise in the number people using social networks to connect with each other. After Facebook came Instagram and Pinterest, and together they have raised the popularity of visual content to unprecedented heights. Let’s see how and why businesses should use this popularity. The Power of Visual Content Infographic
While Facebook and Twitter claim to be in the first row of popular social networks, LinkedIn is gradually emerging as an equally strong force to reckon with! While not only is it redefining the limits of what a networking platform can be or can achieve, it has given clear hints that LinkedIn is no longer comfortable with the tag of ‘one of the biggest networking platforms’, and it now aims for the number 1 position! Different features and aspects make LinkedIn one of its kind, but the fact that it nurtures businesses and supports their growth have been considered the most prominent ones. It has not been long when LinkedIn came forward with the idea of showcase pages, another unique opportunity for businesses to grow! Take a look at what these showcase pages are, and how exactly you can use them to do even better through LinkedIn! Market Your Business Using LinkedIn Showcase Pages
Everyone is aware about the importance of social medial marketing. However, beside all the efforts, there are still many who just cannot beat their competitors. For this, you need to keep track of all the actions that your competitors perform i.e. what they do, what network they use, what blogs they post, and so on. If you monitor your competitor’s social media carefully, you can learn different things from them and accordingly enhance your strategy. Analyze, Plan, and Then Improvise To Outperform Your Competitor!
Are you planning to use videos in your social media marketing campaign? Good idea! Be it Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or any other social media platform, videos have evolved as an essential component of marketing on social channels. If you have not been using videos to fuel your SMM campaign, you are definitely missing on a substantial share of your targeted audience. How To Integrate Video Into Your Social Media Strategy
Social Media Marketing is undoubtedly an indispensable part of every digital marketing campaign. That being said, it must also be acknowledged that marketers are increasingly opting for paid amplification of their Social Media efforts. If you too are in that league, then take a moment to think how that is working out for you! Are you getting the worth of the money you put in your Social Media Marketing campaign? For an accurate answer to this question, you’d need to calculate the ROI of your SMM campaign. Don’t know how to do that? No worries, because that’s what this post is about. How to Calculate the ROI for your Social Media Marketing Campaign
Social Media Marketing (SMM) has evolved as an essential component of digital marketing. There is no way you can achieve great result without a sophisticated SMM plan. Twitter is one of the top most influential social networks out there, and this is why you cannot afford to miss out on the goodies it offers. If your SMM plan does not have a dedicated strategy for Twitter then you are definitely missing on a sea of opportunities. For a deeper understanding on this, let’s take a quick look on some of the very important facts about Twitter. Why Twitter Should Be The Synonym Of Business
No Social Media Marketing Plan is complete without a dedicated approach for LinkedIn! Yes, that true because LinkedIn has lot more to offer than just professional networking. This is the reason why it has been creating a buzz in the social media corners lately. If you do not promote your business/products/services on this media giant, you are definitely missing on a lot. Wondering how? Here’s everything you must know about LinkedIn- With The Right LinkedIn Marketing Plan, Sky Is The Limit!
Video marketing is the buzzword amongst all B2B marketers and YouTube is their silver screen. Videos have evolved as a powerful technique to engage targeted audience. More than 800 million visitors per month are engaged by videos! Business owners who are well aware of this fact thoughtfully use YouTube for their brand awareness and increasing their fan base. Work On YouTube- Because Videos Speak Even More Than Pictures
In the current marketing industry, social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest can be the game charger for your project. While all social networks are awesome, you cannot work on all of them for obvious reasons! So, which one should you choose? That totally depends on the kind of audience you want to target. But in any case, you cannot drop Pinterest from your Social Media Marketing Plan. Why? Well, a plenty of reasons back the aforementioned theory, but to get started here’s an eye popping fact – Pinterest can increase traffic to your business site by up to 48% within three months! Yes, I said Three Months! Need more reasons? You got it. Here we go! Why Pinterest Marketing Holds The Key To The Future
In the past couple of years, Facebook ads the evolved as the force to reckon with. Transform your social marketing campaign, engage your targeted audience, and create a customer base with custom Facebook ads. Did you know?
  • There are over 1.4 billion Facebook users worldwide of which 64% users login every day.
  • Over 700 million users visit Facebook every day on mobile.
How serious are you about Facebook Ads ? Please share your views through comments! What Makes Facebook Ads The Magic Beans of Online Marketing