A/B testing measures the impact of changes made on a website by simultaneously making the original website as well as its changed version available to the users. The basic principle behind A/B testing is quite simple. Compare both webpages by measuring conversion rate. The one that performs better, wins! The detailed analytics available today make it a very efficient marketing tool. Let’s see how it works. A B Testing Infographics
Optimization and testing is one of the most important steps to success. However, testing is a double-edged knife because if you do it the right way, you can enjoy all the benefits it has to offer and if you do it wrong, it can be disastrous. To ensure that you enjoy all the benefits that it has to offer, make sure that you do not commit the testing blunderers given below- Website Testing Mistakes That Your Business Cannot Afford Mistake.1- Optimizing for highest conversion at the cost of your USPs When you solely aim for conversions, chances are high that you may miss out on your unique USPs. There is no way you can make it big without what makes you different from others. To be successful, it is vital for you to optimize to offer a must-have experience. It motivates your audience to share your product/service with others, which is the key to success. Solution– Instead of worrying about the changes that you should make on your landing page to make it look more goal-oriented, you should focus on creating a convincing hook or promise that is true to your products and provides the actual benefits to the consumers. You need to create a testing plan that keeps the must-have experience at the top. Mistake.2- Micro-focused Testing When you think of testing, you immediately start button color tests and copy tests. These are easy to perform and there are number of variables to implement. This narrow testing technique restricts you from optimizing around a local maximum, where as a broader perspective on testing can help you explore the true maximum lurking that is not visible. Solution- You need to have a comprehensive approach towards testing (be it a business model or anything else for that matter. It will help you find facts that can really move the needle. While developing a test strategy, you need to ensure that you keep your focus on tests that can give you valuable insights on how you can improve the functioning of your commerce. Mistake.3- Merry Chase with Random Testing Most of the times, testing starts with a “test anything” approach that usually leads to a situation when you miss out on what truly is averting conversions. It also means that you will have lots of inconclusive data that will result in very little knowledge and little true optimization. It can take away the energy from the entire program and lead to stagnation in optimization and growth. Solution– If you want to avoid merry chases, you should know where to focus your optimizing hard work. You must generate your own hypothesis with the usage of user testing and analysis to find transformations that will help you enhance your business. With the help of these theories, you can develop a testing strategy that may do wonders for you and your business.