Why WordPress? Why should I shift my old website to WordPress? Often website owners have these questions in their mind. If you too think the same way, then you are not doing anything unusual. In this document, we have compiled few points that will explain you the importance of WordPress, and what makes it developers/marketers’ favorite. Why WordPress is Best for SEO Why WordPress? Gone are the days when WordPress was just considered a blogging platform. With time, it has evolved as a content management system (CMS). Today, most of the developers use WordPress for creating effective websites. According to a recent survey, 74.6 million websites run on WordPress. Reason behind its dominance-
  • Open source– The term open source means it is free to download, install, use, and modify. Moreover, approximately 2600 themes and 31,000 plugins are available free to make your WordPress site even more functional.
  • Easy to use and learn
  • Thousands of available themes and plugins
  • Search engine compatible– It is compiled of code and semantic markup that helps create search engine friendly website.
  • Easy to manage
  • Safe and secure
  • Handle different media types– It is not just constrained to textual content only, but it provides the ability to embed images, audio, videos, and what not.
Besides its popularity amongst developers, WordPress has been tremendously popular among web marketers as well. Its credibility to maximize site’s SEO potential is worth considering for marketing purpose. Following are few things which if handled properly, can make a WordPress site highly SEO friendly-
  • Using SEO friendly design– Right design brings good business sales and ranking. Thus, optimal SEO compatible design is ought to be chosen. Factors to consider in this regard include page loading speed, responsiveness, user experience, and code structure.
Wordpress is SEO Friendly CMS Platform
  • Use of plugins– With use of W3 Total Cache, WP Smush It, Yoast, Cloudflare and few other plugins, SEO optimization of a site can be done effectively.
  • Permalinks – For making a WordPress website SEO friendly, permalinks are introduced, which seems to be like- http://example.com/?p=N being changed to http://example.com/2012/post-name/
Word of wisdom – WordPress helps in creating a customized and optimized SEO friendly website that holds the potential to do wonders in the Search Engine Result Pages.