Magento is for creating e-commerce websites. It is based on Zend Framework, which in turn is based on PHP5 and is fully competent for object oriented web-applications. Entity-attribute-value model (EAV) is also a central element of Magento which is helpful for entities with a vast number of attributes such as properties or parameters.

We, at Soft System Solution use Magento to design e-commerce websites that are easy to maintain and are cost-effective. We develop websites that have architectural integrity and are easy to maintain. Through websites developed by us, you can sell both virtual and real products, without having to resort on additional extensions.


Joomla is a content management framework used for publishing web content. It is based on a Model view controller that consists of application data, business rules, logic, and functions. Joomla is great for viewing the same data multiple times. Major programming languages have adopted Joomla as architecture for internet applications.

Joomla has set a standard for itself for facilitating talented developers and designers like the ones at Soft System Solution and enabling them to make websites that can do a lot. Features like language management, media management, user management and banner management are the major advantages of using Joomla. Our experts can use Joomla to develop a website with built in features like Polls, Search, Amazing Templates and an endless array of other web services.


Drupal is a content management framework used as a frame work for back-end work ranging from personal blogs to sophisticated websites. Drupal is also used for knowledge management and business collaborations.

We use Drupal to create smooth error-free websites that are supported by all the common essential features like account registration, menu management, RSS feeds, page layout and system administration. In addition, Drupal's building tools and templates are great for creating aptly customized websites. If you want, a website that gives you the ability to publish socially, come to us and our team of developing experts will use Drupal to create a website that is highly interactive and user friendly.


Python is a high-level programming language used for writing software for all major application domains. It can be used to enable clear programs on any scale. It is good for object-oriented, imperative programming, functional programming or procedural styles of programming paradigms. It is compatible with common coding languages like C++ and Java.

Our developers use Python to create highly customized, easily accessible and user friendly websites and applications. With Python, we can create websites that can be scripted and upgraded easily. There is virtually no possibility of memory access errors. Python also enables to save your precious time as Python programs are reusable.


PHP is a server-side scripting language used for web development. PHP based commands can be easily embedded in HTML, which is the most contributing factor in its user friendliness. This makes the tasks of upgrading content and media, and interacting with the users, easy and time saving.

PHP, as a scripting language can be regarded as the core component of websites and web applications. The experts at Soft System Solution use PHP to provide fast, dynamic, safe and easily accessible web solutions. Simplicity is the main feature of this language, and we know how to reflect that as a strong point in the services that we offer. If you want web solutions that are error-free, time saving and easy to manipulate whenever the need arises, we can help you.

Mobile Development

The time to capitalize on the growing market of smart phones is now. The best way to do so is by seeking our assistance in providing you with soundly developed and effective smart phone applications.

We can help you connect with your customers through smart phone applications that are user friendly and provide comprehensive information about your products and services.

IPhone Development

In a time, where iPhones are the latest fad, and something that everyone either has or wants, iPhone applications are the most convenient way to connect with your current and future clients.

A great iPhone application is one that is up to date with the current mindset of the general masses and covers their specific need and requirement. The iPhone developers at Soft System Solution keep the above mentioned factors in mind and are well-versed with the technical elements that go into developing the perfect iPhone application for your business.


.NET is Microsoft's pioneer software framework and is specifically designed to run on MS Windows. It supports every major coding language and language interoperability allows each language to recognize codes written in other languages. This allows .NET users to add the highest level of security and customization to their projects.

The developing team at Soft System is experienced in using .NET as a central language for a wide array of windows oriented services. In addition, we use the interoperability feature to its fullest to provide the most secure websites that are cost effective and easy to access and manipulate as per the needs of our clients.

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