Why every webpage needs a CTA? How to make compelling CTA’s?

Call to Action (CTA) is the button used when you want your website visitors to make a certain action. These buttons have a great impact on the productivity of a website, which is why they are designed with caution. Some of the most commonly used CTAs are-
  • Buy now
  • Add to cart
  • Sign-up for a free trail
  • Request a quote
Why your website needs a CTA button? Call To Action CTAs are of great use for your website because-
  • They directly impact the conversion rate.
  • These buttons helps in increasing the efficiency of a website.
  • Through CTAs, website owners guide their visitors.
  • Effective CTAs can reduce the bounce rate of a site.
While these are definitely the most prominent characteristics of CTAs, there is a long list of other benefits of these buttons. Some people debate against the use of call to action buttons on all pages. Well, they may have their own reasons, but it is unarguably true that every webpage has a purpose. Since that is true, there must a button to encourage visitors to take the next step and fulfill the purpose of that page. There could not be any simpler context to understand the need of CTA button on all pages. Since the first question has been resolved, now let us jump onto the other one- How to create effective CTAs? Here are 6 tips for designing the most effective call to action buttons-
  1. Determine your goal– Before creating a CTA you should have a clear goal in mind- what action you want your visitors to perform next.
  2. Know your audience– You must know your targeted audience to offer them what they need. This will help you create CTA according to the user’s requirement. CTA’s that are created according to the user’s needs do better.
  3. Neat and Smart- CTAs must be neat and smart. It should only include the point referring the particular action that is to be performed. In addition, it should not be more than five words in total.
  4. Sense of urgencyThe text should promote a sense of emergency. That way you encourage your visitors to click that button right away.
  5. Choices of colorsMake use of eye-catchy and make it big, bold, and attention grabbing. Make sure the color you choose gets attention to your button.
  6. Placement The placement of your button is very important. Position your CTA where it is likely to get maximum numbers of clicks.

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