11 Things you should be doing right now to achieve the top ranks on Google search

Getting a ranking in Google search results is becoming difficult with every new algorithm update. Many SEO techniques are considered outdated now while some techniques are becoming the cause of penalization from search engine. Still, there are 11 tactics that can help you in achieving the top ranks in Google search – 11 Things you should be doing right now to achieve the top ranks on Google search 1. Working on the right keywords – Start researching for the right keywords for your website. It is not advisable to work on multiple irrelevant keywords. Research for the phrases that suits your business best. There are many SEO tools on internet that can help you in finding the suitable keyword. Instead of concentrating only on traffic, you should concentrate of relevant keywords that can gain more leads and conversion. Select the right contextual keywords. 2. Work on Schema – Schema helps webmasters to mark up web pages to make it easier for search engine to understand them. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing use this markup. You can use Schema’s vocabulary to add mark up to your web pages. It will make your website easier to understand and find on SERPs. 3. Working on Local SEO – Most internet users look for products or services in their local area. You should work on your local SEO to get high ranks in Google search results. Geographic preference in keywords and content can also increase organic traffic. 4. Optimizing your website – Optimizing your website is another thing that you should do. Google Panda and Penguin algorithm updates are targeting websites with content, backlinks, and other issues. It is the time for improvement. Look for problems inside the web pages and upgrade them according to new SEO rules. 5. Adding quality content – Now, quality content is the top priority of Google. To get top ranks in SERPs, you must post original, relevant, and quality content on your website, social media accounts and blogs. 6. Paying attention to Social signals – Social signals play an important role in getting higher rankings in SERPs. Google pays special attention to the tweets, Pinterest pins and likes & shares of Facebook and Google+. 7. Building backlinks in quality not quantity – Building backlinks is an established tactic, which is now used with few changes. You must pay attention to the quality of backlinks not quantity. 8. Use site maps – Site Maps help search engines in indexing your website accurately. You should start using site maps to get high ranks in result pages by comprehensive indexing. 9. Blogging – Blogs are another method to get good listing in SERPs along with traffic. Update your blog regularly with fresh content and see its positive effects. 10. Keep an eye on competitors – Always pay attention on what your competitors are up to. Keep a close eye on their traffic, rankings, and SEO strategy etc. 11. Get smart with mobile – Number of mobile internet users is increasing with every day and even Google is working on this new market. Reach out to your customers through mobile website and see its benefits in SERP rankings.

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