5 Innovative Features of Edge that Prove it’s Time to Say Goodbye to IE

On November 5 Microsoft released the latest update to its built-from-the-ground-up browser  Microsoft Edge. For some time now Windows users have complained about the inadequacies of Internet Explorer (IE) and its failure to compete with Google’s Chrome or Firefox. 5 Innovative Features of Edge that prove it’s time to say Goodbye to IE So Microsoft set its sights on developing an all new browser for the latest version of its OS – Windows10. Under a project codenamed ‘Spartan’, Microsoft Edge was developed. Since its initial release in the beginning of 2015, Edge has been both complimented and ridiculed for some of its features. The general consensus is that it has some pretty good new features but still needs a bit of work in plenty of areas. Here is a look at the most outstanding features of Microsoft Edge that experts are happy with. Integration with Cortana Edge comes integrated with Microsoft’s intelligent personal assistant for search assist. This is a welcome addition to the browser as it lends convenience and dynamism to searching that has hitherto been lacking in MS browsers i.e. the many versions of internet explorer. Annotation Tools The all new browser comes with a unique new feature that allows you to doodle, highlight or write on any webpage by simply clicking on the ‘Make a note’  option. You can choose from a pen, highlighter, eraser or clipper to make the changes to the web page and then save those changes and even share them with friends. Distraction Free Reading Mode For those who are tired of the many distraction on web pages that interrupt their reading flow, Edge has a special feature that allows you to read any article without any distractions.  The ‘Reading View’ of the browser opens up a clean interface devoid of anything except the content of the article. Sharing via Integrated Share Panel Edge also enables integrated sharing via Share Panel. Just click on the Share icon and a list of all your active social media apps appears. You can easily choose the one you prefer and share stuff with your friends. Analyze Your Site’s Performance Microsoft Edge comes with a unique developer tool that lets you analyze your website’s performance. ‘The Unified Performance Profiler’ is aimed at providing JavaScript and UI responsiveness tools to developers in order to enable a more efficient workflow and help them figure out the kinks that lead to slow website loading so they can remove them. Apart from these unique ones, there are other smaller features as well that make Microsoft Edge a worthy choice when it comes to your go-to browser. By all opinions there is still some work that needs to be done on Edge to make it a competitor of Chrome and Firefox but there is also across the board consensus that it’s time to say goodbye to the old Internet Explorer.

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