5 SEO Mistakes You Cannot Afford to Commit in 2014

We all know about the search engine optimization, but majority of the individual or organization fail to understand that it’s a rapidly changing process. Today, we are going to talk about some of the techniques that you should not use for your campaign any more and some of them are as below: Low Quality Content: Today, quality content is the ideal bread and butter for search engine optimization. Read it again, it says quality content, not loads of content. Many SEO companies create and post loads of content, but in actual it’s not the quality content. Low quality content means more damage to your brand reputation than any benefit. Duplicated Meta Tags: Many people underestimate the value and importance of original Meta tags. Yes, duplicate Meta tags are as harmful as duplicate content. If you don’t have different meat tags for different pages along with their relevant keywords, you can’t expect any of them to rank successfully as they compete with each other. Quantity of Links over Quality: If you are still going with quantity of the links over quality, you are on a perfect road to ruin your website. It is far easier to buy back links and it’s cheaper as well, but gone are the days when quantity of the links mattered most. Keyword Stuffing: Keyword stuffing can be devastating, is not a hidden truth any more. Stuffing content with your keywords is not going to get you anywhere good. Search engines are good at identifying valuable and informative content. If you still doing the keyword stuffing, you are making fool of yourself not the search engines. Social Media Spamming: Social media is a wonderful platform for promotion, but if you overdo it, you may find yourself in trouble sooner or later. Posting too many posts without any relevancy can annoy your followers and they may consider it as spamming. Hence, whenever looking for a SEO services, it is necessary to make sure that they don’t commit mistakes such as above. Verify their techniques and knowledge before giving them charge of your SEO campaign.

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