5 Things Mobile Users Hate About Poorly Designed Websites

While everyone is aware about the fact that poor user experience is one of the major causes of bad reputation, low visitor involvement, low conversion rates and so on, not a lot of people understand exactly what designing mistakes are hurting their website’s performance. 5 ThingsMobile users hate about poorly designed websites In this post, we have enlisted the five most common things that all the mobile users hate about poorly designed websites-
  1. Frequent pop-ups– There could not be any worse way to scare your visitors away than frequent popups. Although sometimes pop-ups act as a great way to earn new subscribers, yet most of the people find it annoying.
  2. Auto play multimedia– You must have seen pages where a video starts playing automatically right after the page loads. That’s insidious! Some visitors love silent browsing sessions and it can be quite irritating for them if multimedia starts playing and all of a sudden. Your website should contain a choice button, whether to play a multimedia or not, nobody should be forced to listen what you have to say.
  3. Useless animations– Studies show that it takes almost three seconds for a visitor to decide whether to stay on the page or leave it. So, forget about the useless animations and focus on creating content that interests users. Use catchy headlines, interesting content, illustrative copy, etc.
  4. Clarify through images– You can include images of your clients, your current employees your images, or anything else that would gain your visitors trust in what you have to say/offer. Clarifying through images is considered awesome.
  5. Avoid general forms- Do not add useless forms. For example- one of them most generic form is “contact us” form. Apart from being generic, it does not even specify whether the visitor is willing to receive more information, or not. Therefore, try other ways through which people can get hold of you right away.

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