5 tips that will help you promote your iphone app!

Creating a faultless beautiful and a conveniently simple iphone application is just the first step. Every company, whether it is a global empire or merely a start-up, has an application today, and you have to make sure that yours does not get buried in the app store. Here are 5 hot shot tips to get you started: 1. Name and content- The name of the app has to have the potency to generate instant attention. In addition, instead of offering your version of information that is available on 500 other applications, offer unique information, that isn’t even available anywhere else. 2. Free downloads and Demo videos- There’s a lot of people that have made a lot of money with the sheer number of paid downloads that the applications designed by them have received. Still, if your app is offering information about our products, you’d have to give it out for free. To make it easy for everyone to use, you should also make videos about its interface and post it online. 3. Keep upgrading- Even the most fresh product can get mundane and boring over time, keep changing the templates, interface, etc. 4. Send a Press Release to a trusty and effective PR website regarding the launch of the app. Also, try to get it listed in something like a ‘hot and rising app of the month’ list or so. 5. Before creating the app, create a regular newsletter for your company (in case you haven’t already) and promote the app through the letter.

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