5 web design tips to get a great website designed

If you are looking to get a website designed for your business, then you must know about how to catch the attention of the users with a perfectly designed website. Here are few tips that can prove to be your best help when it comes to an efficient website design – Do not forget the purpose of your website i.e. why are you creating it? for instance, if you have designed a shopping website, then it should not be designed as a thing of beauty Do not make the users wait for the website to load. As they say, if the site takes more than 10 seconds to load, half of the traffic is lost Do not overdo things. Wild graphic and animations are the ‘traffic killers’. Make sure you use them aptly Statistics show that half of the users are lost with every link they click on the site. Therefore, try to make the website easy to navigate and user friendly Use colors and font that go with the theme of your website, so that the user finds it easy to navigate and locate the information on the page. Confusing the user with flashy colors is a big no!

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