Google AdWords is another amazing product of Google. It actually comprises of a tool used for searching keywords for the purpose of PPC. In this section, we will take a look at some of the common terms associated with Google AdWords. Keywords: It can be a phrase or a word which internet users, use to search a particular product or service on Google or a particular section of the web. Competition: It shows how many people using AdWords are bidding for a specific keyword to stay ahead in the game of pay per click marketing by getting their ads displayed for the maximum number of times (specific to a particular term) Competition can be both high and low.  If it is high, it means that more users are trying to buy that particular phrase or keyword and vice versa. Speculations say that highly competitive keywords stand less chances of being successful compared to low ones. Global Monthly Search This numerical figure shows how many times Google users used a particular keyword. It requires considering the total number of times, a keyword was used in the past one year divided by twelve (number of months). This figure gives a clear understanding about the importance of keywords. This way, you can know which keywords are attracting visitors and which ones are not. Local Monthly Searches This field comes up whenever a visitor uses some region, area or language specific keyword. It also shows filtered results that include only those, which are as per user’s specifications.

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