A Sudden Dip in your Website Rankings, Its Google Mistake over Parked Domains

Have you observed lately that your search engine rankings have spiraled down lately? Have you been wondering that you have been subjected to over optimization penalty? Then it’s time for you to breathe a sigh of relief. Although the various search forums have been buzzing with discussions on the implementation of the “over optimization” penalty that Google was planning to introduce this year. Google even announced last year that it will target parked domains to prevent them from ranking well. Parked domains are websites that do not have any content and are generally full of various ads. There was a different cause of the lowering of search engine rankings of various websites. As described by Matt Cutts, the head of the Google web spam team, the cause was Google mistakenly categorizing various websites as parked domains. On 19th April 2012, Matt Cutts issued a statement that read” I saw a recent post where several sites were asking about their search rankings. The short explanation is that it turns out that our classifier for parked domains was reading from a couple files which mistakenly were empty. As a result, we classified some sites as parked when they weren’t. I apologize for this; it looks like the issue is fixed now, and we’ll look into how to prevent this from happening again.” So if you have been worried about your website ranking, just sit back and relax!

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