Aaron Swartz’s suicide comes as tragic news for the blogging world

The news that Aaron Swartz’s, recognized for being the earliest Google Blogger, committed suicide has completely shaken the blogging community. Some of things that Aaron accomplished during his career were the creation of Reddit, RSS and as becoming an internet activist. However, most people still remember him for his Google blogs. The Google Weblog came up on March 17, 2002 was the brain of Aaron. In his last post on the blog, he wrote Google’s SearchMash experiment that went up in October 2006. In one of his blogs about Google, Aaron mentioned about the work atmosphere in the company as,” Google’s many benefits and campus life were designed to help employees keep feeling like kids, so they’d never want to leave the Google home.” Answering to one of the questions asked by Phillipp Lenssen in 2007, on the blog being one of its kinds, Aaron replied, “I think so. I looked for others before I started it.” This small step in the form of a blog brought Google into the bigger picture of not being just a search engine, rather a giant media and technology company.

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