Advanced handwrite search from tool from Google for smartphone users

Do you remember that about 6 months ago, Google had introduced an amazing tool for smartphone users, the handwrite tool? With the help of this tool, it was possible to simply use your finger to type on the screen and search the query, unlike the speaking, writing or clicking picture options. However, it was not perfect and needed some improvements. Well, Google representative have made the announcement they have come up with an advanced version of this tool. This new and improved version has 3 major updates – 1. Fast alternative to letters such as ‘L’ in lowercase that might look like ‘1’ or ‘I’ for that matter 2. Overlapping of characters so as to utilize the limited space on the smartphone screen, unlike the earlier where it was not possible 3. Improved writing of Chinese characters, as compared to the earlier version where only single character could be written, now you can write multiple characters in a single line.

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