All about Semantic Keyword Generation and the help of advanced search options from Google

“Keyword “- that magical concoction for anyone involved in search engine optimization. An important aspect of any search engine process is the identification of such keywords that help to identify a potential audience for the website. However semantic search can be challenge as it requires relevant keywords rather than targeting keywords that will generate higher volume. Therefore it is important for those involved with search engine optimization to have a comprehensive database of semantic keywords. There are various ways in which this database of relevant semantic keywords can be constructed. While using Google advanced search the tab of “show search tools” can be used. Other way is by clicking “show related searches” that help in generating more keywords related to a particular query. Those looking for great ideas on keywords can use Google instant for generating more ideas. Building a good semantic keyword database merely does not involve just picking up random words. It means choosing those terms which the users are likely to enter while searching for something.

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