Amazon spamming Google with too many links in the footer!

A few months back, Matt Cutts was talking about (in one of his videos) if interlinking different domains a good idea, or not; and at last suggested not to. He also explained how it is a bad idea to link multiple sites with each other through keyword rich anchor texts and footer links. Recently, the former moderator of in his online forums pointed out Amazon is practicing that interlinking technique. He wrote, “Amazon is deploying and making use of insane and massive cross linking scheme”. amazon-logo When observed, every anchor text for each and every link right on their homepage was rich in keyword. Now, people are wondering why Google is allowing Amazon to use this cross linking scheme. While this major website is receiving a lot of criticism, on the grounds that Google’s guidelines are different for high paying and big websites compared to others. It remains to be seen how the leading search giant will respond to this scenario.

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