An updated Google Transparency report, now with the details of false take down requests

The issue of false take down requests issued by the company named ‘Yes It is’ has been the talk of town in the past few days. However, Google representatives dealt with the issue strictly and the website itself had to suffer from it. TorrentFreak has recently reported that Google has come up with its updated version of the transparency report on the issue. The report now views detailed information regarding the false requests for taking down the content of any website. The report lists the action on these take down requests as well, in the columns named ‘Removed’ ‘Pending’ and ‘No Action Taken’. The user can further look at the URL’s for which the take down requests were issued, by simply scrolling down a bit. Although Google has so far not shared the overall %age of false take down requests in the history of DMCA requests, but at the same time it has now provided the details for each of these requests.

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