Analysis of various Social media Channels Used in Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has become need of every business. It is nothing but a technique implemented to gain traffic for a website through social media websites. Each social media platform comes with unique set of rules, regulations, a different audience and customer expectations. Before implementing social media marketing, it is important to know difference between different social media channels used to promote a particular brand. 1. Social Sharing Sites On these platforms, users share photos and videos.  The content posted on these websites is made available to millions of users in a few seconds. YouTube is the one good example of social sharing sites. 2. Social Networking Sites The popularity of these sites has grown significantly. Facebook and twitter are very good examples of social networking sites. Such sites allow users to create communities so that they can meet new people and share their views on different subjects. Different brands or companies create their pages on these websites, giving them traffic and exposure. 3. Social News Sites As the name suggests, these websites exchange newsworthy information on different topics.  On these types of websites, users submit different types of posts, videos and photos. Other users can vote or rank different news depending upon their likings. 4. Social Bookmarking Websites Delicious is one of the most popular bookmarking sites that allow users to search and organize their favorite web pages online. 5. Social Review Sites On these websites, users post their reviews about different products and services.

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