‘Baidu’ following Google’s footsteps

Google’s innovation has always inspired others to follow their footsteps. The first in the list is Baidu, the most popular search engine in China. Reports suggest that Baidu is working on a newer project based on image search for facial recognition. Just like Google’s search by image feature. As a part of this application, users will be able tom upload image of a face on the engine and can then further search for photos of the same person available on the internet with the name of the person. However, all this can work only for well-known celebrities and not with un-known or non-famous persons. How does it follow Google? Well, Google came up with the feature named ‘Search by Image’ in June 2006. In fact, a similar feature by the name Find My Face is available on Google+ as well; using which the users can locate their own images from the internet. .

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