Baseless mythologies and truths about custom website designing

There are plenty of myths associated with custom based web designing that need to be thrown light on them so that people can take all the advantages of web designing. The difficulty with these mythologies is that they are so deeply-rooted in the minds of designers that they do not even try to determine whether these should actually be done or not. Let me share with you some common beliefs of website designing and the actual picture behind those beliefs: Myriad of colours means highly appealing website: Many website designers strongly believe that making a site with many colours will increase its visual appeal. Fact: Undoubtedly, use of proper colour combination plays an important role in adding appealing to any website, but you must have heard the expression, “excess of anything is bad” similar is the case with designing. Extensive use of improper colour combinations harm the quality of the website and your website will not serve any purpose except a colour palette. By only focusing on graphics, you can make your site attractive: Nothing can be worse than presenting people with a website overloaded with graphics. Fact: There is no doubt that graphics make a website look more attractive, but unnecessary use of graphics hamper the load time of the website, and does a lot more that altogether harms your website.

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